When Do you mirror your koth map

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    So I've been making maps for almost a year now and I haven't fully finished a map yet. But with my new map I'm getting close to looking like an actual map. I was just wondering when do you actually mirror your map. Do you mirror it when you only have a basic idea of what you want to do (at the beginning of the process), or when you think you are completely finished with that side (with props and textures and little details). Any advice would be great. Thanks
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    I think the best idea would be to mirror before you compile, and then deleting the mirrored side once you've play tested.
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    I typically mirror when I have one side blocked out entirely, clipped, and sealed (except for the middle line.)

    Then as you flip you just do a team color replace batch before deselecting, and then manually fix spawn rooms and any team specific doors.

    No need to delete anything after, you can easily delete smaller chunks and replace them with changes later.