What makes a map a competitive map?

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    There's been a few articles about this topic, but not much discussion yet.

    So, what do you personally like for 6v6 or highlander, in terms of

    - layout
    - balance
    - gamemode
    - round time


    My 2 cents:
    The general consensus seems to be rather fast paced maps, which favour the dominant team via respawn times (or the attacking team on AD maps).

    This already narrows the gamemodes down a bit. A/D and payload, while played occasionally, aren't symmetrical and require multiple rounds to even it out, making other gametypes more popular.

    In general, it seems to add up to symmetrical 5CP maps and KotH being the preferred games in a competitive match.
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    I want to say balance, but it's a different kind of balance to public play. The other kind of balance is regular balance and must be symmetrical if not A/D.

    It's a balance for 6 vs 6.
    Symmetrical for absolute balance.
    It needs good roll out (high, clipped ceilings).
    Height variation.
    Doors are annoying.
    Environmental deaths are annoying.
    Water is annoying.
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