What makes a good sentry gun position?

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    To all decent engineer players:

    What would be your ideal location for a sentry gun? (besides 10 full ammo kits)
  2. absurdistof

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    Somewhere that forces anyone to commit to coming out to face it, no peeking out or crackshots that snipers can exploit, and if there could be a demo that peeks out, the sentry would be far enough away so that it would be a difficult shot. Also somewhere that draws some traffic, enough so that players get pissed and keep coming (kills.. KILLS!) but where they wouldn't strategize and uber. I'd be happy enough with 1 full ammo kit.
  3. Fraz

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    I'm not a good engineer but I enjoy playing demoman. I have to say, alot of the times I get killed over and over by Sentry Guns are unexpected places. If people keep on building in the same old places in the same old maps, people expect sentryguns there, so one out of the ordinary just catches you by surprise. I dont think you should "make" a good sentry position in your map, good engineers will find one.
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    Good sentry spots are spots that are really strong in quite a wide angle, but still have a weak area, to get to that area, the enemy must take a long way around or something..
  5. grazr

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    Raised so that most units can't meet it on equal grounds (like a pyro uber).
    where the sentry's max range pins a player against the wall; and so that players are also vulnerable to missed rockets, and unable to outrange it.
    Not so close to a corner than it can be circle strafed.
    Preferably by a full ammo drop or spawn locker for easy and quick setup.
    With a nook opposite for a tele, so that you can tactically place your reinforcements to flank massing attackers and provide cover from the one probable vantage point against you.
    In a vital choke point so that kills are frequent and entertaining (rather than just banging on the bugger for half an hour while you team rakes in the points and amusement).

    IE the ledge overlooking the CP1 choke point in goldrush.
  6. Lockhart

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    I often play offensively with the engineer class where I place my sentry and run up to give support to the other classes, and then retreat once it's near done. (Sometimes bringing someone with me)

    But often I minimize the directions from which a sentry can be targeted easily. So by a wall, in a corner, on top a crate, or hidden rarely in a bush or doorway.
  7. drp

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    i have been playing engy A LOT lately, so here is my take. the engy class is a support/defense class obviously. so, i play engy the way ithink it should be played. as an offensive engineer, the sentry should not be your primary source of firepower, your shotgun should be. your job is provide an extra source of fire for your teamates trying to capture the point or push the cart. setting up your sentry gun in range to shoot at scouts or spies trying to antagonize the team should be your main priority.

    another is to not level your sentry past level 2 when on offense. the main thing that gives away sentry position for me (besides the noise), is the direction sentry rockets are coming from. so if the sentry is only using bullets, even tho i can hear it, i really dont know where it is.

    the sentry is a disposable tool. treat it like one. setting up in random places and expecting to lose that sentry after 2 or 3 kills is perfectly fine.

    i have even gone as far as letting the cart pushers pass me and then setting up a sentry right behind them. little baby sentry is credit to team. it takes them all out. i destroy my sentry, gather the pieces, and go setup somewhere else.
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  8. jpr

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    9 full and one medium ammo kits
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  9. gamemaster1996

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    Well i'd say somewhere completely odd like in the way of the sun so if you try o look at it your blinded slightly by the sun rays
  10. Terr

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    • Near ammo sources for quick setup/repair
    • Covers maximum possible enemy routes.
    • Enemies cannot see the turret without also being in range! Very important. (Sentry range is the same at all levels.)
    • Cannot be hit by ballistic grenades (ex: behind a slight hill)
    • Not so close to a corner that it can be circlestrafed or effectively edged by Pyros/Heavies.
    • Enough teammates come by that you have a bit of support.
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  11. MrAlBobo

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    i use my sentries for 2 main things, the "lucky" sentry and for holding a position

    When I am holding a position I like sentry to be very focused, namely I would never use it to cover more then 2 entrances as that just means it can be shot from more places. Having it in a place where it shoots people in the back is my favorite thing as it has higher odds of killing them or even just confuses the offense. So, places to hide a sentry near an entrance to an area are nice.

    The lucky sentry is by a wide margin one of the most fun things to do, the idea is to get a sentry built far into the other teams area, preferably covering their point. This is primarially accomplished by hiding behind a wall or box or something and wrenching a sentry that is just barely poking out. If done at the perfect time it can destroy the defense. In this case some kind of basic cover is all thats required, usually no effort on the mappers part.
  12. TheBladeRoden

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    Near, but not too close to, other Engineers. Cause if you're stabbed, you can't rely on the sniper to unsap your sentry. I've tried. :(
  13. strangemodule

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    Corners mainly.
  14. lana

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  15. Cerulean

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    This is my favorite way to play engy. The key is persistence, when the sentry goes down, put it back up. Don't use the same spot unless you really need to (keeps them guessing). The best spots are [beyond] the peripheral when coming through a doorway, so the reaction is surprise, then death. If no peripheral, level 1 straight on + shotgun.

    100th post! *enters level 3*
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  16. lana

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    Well, defensively, utilizing the same space does keep enemies guessing. Once your sentry goes down and reappears in the same spot, players will take a moment to react.
  17. Stormcaller3801

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    As an Engie I tend to have three main worries: Demos, Spies, and distance.

    Demomen are a constant source of frustration- I can't repair if you do enough damage all at once to destroy my Sentry, and I typically can't engage and kill fast enough.

    Spies are a career hazard- there's a lot of good Spies out there who can dodge fast enough and Sap quickly enough that the Sentry's toast. Not much can be done there with regards to defensive positions. You just have to shoot your allies more often.

    And distance. Distance is the big killer, the one most classes can exploit and the one that I hate when it comes to setting up. Snipers, Scouts, Engies, Demomen, Spies- anyone who can find a good position where they can destroy the Sentry without it responding to them is a big threat. I hate locations where I set up only to constantly come under fire from someone in a tower or other location over 1024 HU away. At best, I spend all my metal and time repairing to keep up, while harassing allies about getting rid of the person.

    So if I was to describe an ideal location, it'd probably be something like this: all firing angles enclosed by walls 1024 HU away or less, the position bottlenecks a small room so that Spies can't sneak up behind me, and angles so that a Demoman can't drop four stickies on my Sentry without getting shot to hell and back.

    Best I can think of offhand would be near the end of the second stage in Cranetop. The defender's spawn point opens onto a room, and just past the room are two small L-shaped rooms that bracket the cart path. One of these has only a single entrance and is angled so it's difficult to sticky a Sentry that's set back from the doorway. There's enough room to set up a Dispenser and possibly even a Teleporter, but little else. There's no open angles to it- you either follow the cart path or you drop down the vent in the opposite room, which puts you in front of the Sentry within 1024 HU.

    Downsides: no convenient source of metal, can't escape once you've got the gun up, and a Spy could run up in front of the Sentry and sap it to death. If you put it too far forward a Demoman could also sticky it away.
  18. Cinnamon Whirl

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    As others have said: around a corner, but not too close to it. No where out of range should be visible when setting up, as this is easily exploited by ranged classes.

    I would also add: setup should be where teammates can see you, and protect you during setup. Lone sentries are easy prey, once their position is known.
  19. alecom

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    Above the ledge on hoodoo stage 2 before it got changed :p
  20. Tapp

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    In a corner
    Shoots enemies from behind the choke point (to shove them into the open)
    Pushes people off of a bridge (muahahahaha)
    Shoot people from below
    Plenty of walls for splash damage
    No nearby corners
    A necessary choke point
    And a smoke detector (for spies)