VS Saxton Hale: VScript

VScript VS Saxton Hale: VScript 29 July 2023

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Sep 7, 2022
LizardOfOz updated VS Saxton Hale: VScript with a new update entry:


* Hale receives more damage the less players are left.
* Hale receives less damage if he took too much recently.
The desired effect is to minimize rounds when Hale is still half-full, while most of the Mercs are dead, while also avoiding singular damage sources (kritz, sticky traps, backstabs) from deleting Hale.

* VFX for Charge (both Wind-Up and Dash).
* VFX for Saxton PUNCH!
* Wall Climbing now works off of everything except players and engie buildings.
* Quicker round...

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Sep 7, 2022
LizardOfOz updated VS Saxton Hale: VScript with a new update entry:


* TF2 has a bug when loading the same mp3's from multiple map causes the game to crash. Using wav's instead until the bug is fixed.
* Hale's voice lines are now louder (apparently sounds are inside `sound/mvm` folder are played louder).

* Weapon Changes:
** Fixed Kunai, Big Earner and YER on-backstab effects not working.
** Bazaar Bargain gains heads on headshots.
** Hitman's Heatmaker gains Focus on-hit.
** Demo Shields don't break if Demo is Uber-charged.
** KGB on-kill crits now provided...

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Feb 10, 2022
Good effort getting VSH into TF2, I just wanted to bring this bug to attention where Hale bugs out.

Allegedly, this Hale player switched to Heavy (I'm assuming at the previous round's end) at the same time they were picked for Hale. They had 300 health with access to their Tomislav, and they were civilianing (reference posing). Their health bar displayed 300, but their true health was correctly high.

Bugged Hale.
Here is Hale killing with the Tomislav.
And he can die as normal.

Also, while playing I noticed the Warrior's Spirit did not grant health on hit rather than kill, like the Zatoichi does. And on the community server this was on, people viewed Demoknight as meta due to their high damage with crits and self-sustain with damage resistance, knockback, and healing (with the katana).

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Apr 17, 2017
Hey there! Excellent work on the gamemode, and nice job having it make it into Casual officially! I did want to ask though; would it be possible for you to pull a full list of changes to all weapons and game mechanics for the point of reference? I wanted to get all the facts about the changes together so that I could share it around and get people in the know.

I know for example that the Market Gardener does MUCH more damage on a successful Garden than it usually would, which is likely a balance decision to reward use of the weapon. Obviously not everyone has hundreds of hours to experiment and find the nuances of every single weapon, so sharing a list would be useful! Thanks in advance!
Sep 7, 2022
I'm too busy to compile a full list of changes. I kinda expected the community to compile the list of changes from code mining. The TF2wiki community is doing that, although it's not complete yet.