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Vietnam-styled Map (WIP)

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by A B.A. Survivor, May 21, 2011.

  1. A B.A. Survivor

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    Hi there, I'd like to show you a map I've been trying to make.
    We've never had a map based in Vietnam, which is odd considering TF2 takes place in 1968 (AKA the year stuff really went down there), so I took it upon myself to try and design one.

    I've come to realize that the hardest parts of mapping are getting people to test a map and making it look good.
    As a result, I have no idea if the gameplay is any good, and it is mostly dev textures.
    The main reason I'm posting about this is, well, so I can get people to test it and find/recruit/etc. someone to help make it look good (prop placement, texturing, what have you).

    I'll just put a bunch of pictures showing progress and whatnot. Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0003.jpg?w=a861b09d Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0005.jpg?w=b15dba10 Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0006.jpg?w=05ba4fda Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0007.jpg?w=ef5dfebd Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0009.jpg?w=6f6b217e Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0047.jpg?w=d38cd44d Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0048.jpg?w=f5149f3b Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0049.jpg?w=7dbc3711 Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0052.jpg?w=04be0727 Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0072.jpg?w=1142e531 Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0073.jpg?w=776351b0 Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0075.jpg?w=ac09f39b Hot Zone/koth_hot_zone0076.jpg?w=a6ab9e4b

    Here is the map itself. Hot Zone/

    I would and will really appreciate any help or suggestions.
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    Protip: To link photos from Dropbox, you need the public link, not just copy-pasting from your address bar.

    I can't really say anything about the layout from the working pictures. Most of them are taken from the rooftops, which if they are reachable, would be a sniper's paradise.

    Through it up for a gameday if you get a spot. Only testing will tell if it's good, or if stuff needs to be fixed.

    This subforum isn't really the place to post work-in-progress maps. This probably belongs in the maps subsection, where it will more than likely be recieved with more comments.

    Seeing as it's your first post, let me be the first to welcome you. Stick around.

    EDIT: dammit ninja'd by grazr. Again.
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