Valve's Writers And The Creative Process

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    Wasn't quite sure where to put this, was tempted to place it in the mapping tuts and resources but just put it here instead. If a mod wants to move it they can.

    I saw this up on Interlopers News Feed about a fortnight ago. It's an interesting read, (obviously, it's the Valve team talking :p). Anyway, figured you guys would recieve it pretty well.

    Valve's Writers And The Creative Process: by Kris Graft
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    Yes a very interesting read indeed. I wish they talked about TF2 more.
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    Indeed although it is interesting.
    Hopefully portal 2 will be far better than portal as portal is quite short and extremely easy for a clever mind. Also hopefully there'll be more enemies (as such) in it as i think it focused slightly too much on the puzzle side of it.
    So i beleive the next 1 should be as long as hl2.