(SOLVED) Lighting works fine when map is run via Hammer, but not via console

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Dec 25, 2017
Edit - Problem resolved, I neglected to include the .vmx and .prt files along with the .bsp inside my Maps folder. Apologies!

This has been my first attempt at making a full-fledged map, and it's near completion, only there's one crucial problem with it.

When the .bsp finishes compiling in Hammer and is automatically run, all instances of light (simply called "light" in the list of entities) that I've placed around the map are rendered just fine, however when the map is run via the dev console using "map mapname", everything is in fullbright.

I've tried using the compile log checker, and it came up with:
findportalside: couldn't find a good match for which brush to assign to a portal near (-719.5 -7133.8 -3101.0)
static prop models/egypt/wall_torch/wall_torch.mdl outside the map (-4640.00, -5756.32, -2334.85)

I'm willing to try fixing these errors, even though they may have nothing to do with the lighting issue in question, but I'm curious nonetheless as to possible reasons why this issue only manifests when running the map via console, and not via Hammer. Hoping somebody can enlighten me, thanks!
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Sep 23, 2011
The vmx file is a backup of the vmf file, you don't need to distribute that, ever. The prt file is part of the build metadata and is only used during the build, you don't need to distribute that one either.

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Mar 23, 2017
The errors you're getting are most likely caused by a leak in your map. Check to make sure your map is sealed. Like henke said, .vmx and .prt files should not need to be included in your maps folder for the map to work.