PL Snowforest/Brookside B4

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Mar 17, 2016
Brookside - Single-Stage Payload Map

Welcome to pl_brookside! (The water on RED will be added soon!) Blu ran out of water, but Red has tons of gallons! So BLU plans to explode their site and steal tons of water.

! Images will be added soon. !


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Jun 2, 2008
I would work on updating this map more. Your first release is missing textures in the map that weren't packed in. Honestly, its an alpha release though, so worry less about custom content unless its vital to game play.

First point is rather flat. You should add some height variations rather than leave it broad and open
Its not very obvious to me that you could also get on the red building in the far back of the first picture i posted.

The area after the two ramps, which I can't tell whats going on is going to be tough to game play. The trail sputters out for a distance similar to Snowycoast, but there's no cover at all. Its kind of out there, but you don't want to have blu have the advantage with spawn camping to push forward. I would at least add a ramp or something. Experiment with heights add a building in at least to change the layout because there's nothing interesting in terms of game play for it.

I honestly couldn't after the first point where the other ones were until the final.

The final is going to need a lot of work. Blu can attack and hold off the defenders pretty well from the top of their spawn. There's also a lot of open area, and no cover at all.

Need to repack some stuff here. To check if things are packed type sv_pure 2

You sure you playtested for bugs this? It looks like the cart will get stuck on this spot. (also long sniper line from here to blu 1st spawn)

There barrels, are we allowed to play up here?


Disable shadows on the tracks.


These two paths are awfully close to each other.


These two props intersect each other and look awkward. Also, use the wooden latter. This latter is more of a decoration that clings to the wall.


This spot here can cover all three doors at once.


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Mar 17, 2016

Get it? No? Yeah? Alrighty Then!


- Changed Theme from Alpine to Snow
- Changes to Point C
Added Big Brush as cover
Took out a big sniper siteline
Added new path for Attackers to access after B is Captured
Basically a room now.
- Changed Skybox (Darn it packing)
A3A will be released shortly. I needed to release this today.
- Made so that you don't see nodraws when you access the water room after BLU wins
- Expanded the hurt trigger from the door to the curved window things
- Moved some health packs
- Added things on top of door by BLU's forward as an expirement
- Some detailing (I just love detail)
- Soundscapes! (I don't like it when it's quiet. It's that time when something creeps up to you. It scares me.)
- Added rocks by B in corners as an expirement
- Added small platform for engie nest in Badwater-Like sniper place by last
- Forgot some (I think I got it all)

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Apr 8, 2016
There is snow in spawn but this isn't that important.
There are missing/unpacked props. One. Two.
The skybox is leaking or broken.
Missing textures. One. Two. Three.
A lot of the areas are kind of empty with either little cover or no alternate route. The corridor with the huge sightline. This outdoors part. This part up here.
It's quite dark inside here.
HUGE sight line with little cover.
This room is too big or maybe it's just empty. Feels like a huge box. Personally I think the stairs could be better. They look a bit unnatural.

Would be nice to playtest it.


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Mar 17, 2016

pl_snowforest_a3_01 Changelog:

Click to download the Updated NAV.

- Made BLU spawn by adding a room with an S-Curved route to the used to spawn points
- Moved some setup gates
- Hills. Because everything looks weird.
- Trees. For the hills.
- Added cover to RED's Last
- Added alternate route right behind RED's stair ramp
- Made the ramps on last stairs
- IDK what else...
x Oh crap, forgot clipping on the signs, get ready for A4, I'm really busy.

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Mar 17, 2016
Welcome to...

I know i'm terrible at making falling snow from a non-detailed program.
Probably changing my name to Scout Whisky, IDK
You can barely see the middle

CHANGES: (Blu to Red) (Major to Minor)
Optimization! Enjoy the free small FPS Boosts. (Thanks to Muddy for fixing those areaportal leaks.)
Redid wood shack by BLU spawn
Added back route in Red Spawn
-Red door to first closes after first is captured.
Don't you like that shipping dock and dock house/store? I like it.
Added alternate route to Point C after Point B is captured (Thanks to E-Arkham for the Snowycoast Assets for the door textures thing)
Reduced explosion size so you can survive just a bit from the explosion to get in the industrial/water room

Notes not to forget:
Getting to the point where there's i'm only doing detail and bug fixes
Clip the beams in the shack (Fuck I don't want to go through that process of building cubemaps)
Areaportals, KNOW HOW IT LEAKS. I'm crap with areaportals. *My weakest point is optimization.

Special thanks to... If you don't want to read the parentheses I put in

- Muddy for fixing the areaportal leaks
- EArkham for the Snowycoast Assests.
- Mikroscopic for the skybox (sky_arctic_02)
- iiboharz for the Arctic Theme Pack (so that I could unexpectedly find Mikro's skybox)

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Mar 17, 2016

NAV IS BEING WORKED ON, Please hold. *Local Forecast starts playing*

Tons of detail inside RED's building (to make it not like a box)
  • Gate now closes when Payload is near Point C
  • New door - opens when payload is near, doesn't close
  • Both are added to prevent the huge sightline
Detailing on RED's last spawn
Redid 3rd's shack (brushwork was too messy)
Snow Shovels!

RIP the Dev Textures

A2 - B3

"You were son real good, maybe even the best."
- Soldier responding to the dissapearance

We can't bring them back, Valve won't accept it... I played Fallen Soldier while writing this.

A new NIGHT version! Coming soon to your local

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Mar 17, 2016
Don't throw out your sobs, maties! I'm still working on a revamped version of snowforest! I've revisioned this terrible map 3 times already. I hope this time I can finally put this map where it belongs.

-added another blu forward spawn after B is captured (it's under the red's first spawn)
-no idea what else i did, so go see for yourself

I don't know why I didn't publish this earlier though. It was already still WIP when I looked at it.

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Feb 8, 2016
some friendly advice :D
because i am developing a payload map myself too ,and i remade many times a loooot of areas even the whole map once, i want to help you avoid my mistakes.
Maybe the idea you have for snowforest is not bad. try to playtest the map as many times as possible to see where it goes from there.
if you are happy keep it and fix whatever mistakes you find.
if you want to redone an area or a point think what you did wrong and how to fix it . please avoid details on redone/ rework trust me :p
Keep it simple and use buildings which connect in a way like upward does for example.
thats what i wanted to say. i hope i helped you
good luck with your map!