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CTF Snowfall RC1

This Is my gift to all you guys! Merry Smissmas!

  1. Krazy

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    Snowfall - This Is my gift to all you guys! Merry Smissmas!

    Been developing this over the past year and its been worth it!


    map Landfall and assets by Dr. Spud
    Rotating Air Intake by Apom
    Candy Cane model by Rexy
    TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack by Square
    End of the Line Prop Pack by Fr0Z3nR
    Snowycoast Models pack by EArkham
    Holiday Calendar Pack by Void
    Christmas Lights (Move_rope) by Bakscratch
    Themed Wood Beams by Tumbolisu
    Winter Signs Pack by Nineaxis
    Modular Weather Particles by Yrrzy
    Aurora Particles
    by Exactol

    Thank you and Have a great new year everyone!
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  2. pk.pseudo

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    >another snowy, festive-themed map art pass

    I hope you're a man of culture and have an actual favoring for snowy themed maps because this and your other maps all look unimaginably pretty
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