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    This is the default color of the signature.
    But this is what I see when im typing it.

    I would like to have a solid white text signature, but because of the format above, anything that is set in "white" in the signature text box is displayed as dark gray.

    Possible Fixes:
    1. Change the default sig color to white
    2. Change the default sig color in the editor to gray
    3. Allow white to be used in sigs, and change the default color in the sig editor to gray (kinda addon to #2)

  2. Geit

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    You can already do this using [color=white]...[/color] I think?

    This is white text

    But bear in mind, your signature will be unreadable on the light style if you use a solid white color. (and bright yellows/greens)
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  3. sevin

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    It's also distracting and blurs the line between where the actual post stops and where the signature begins.
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