Propper created models missing skins

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Probably not a real Werewolf
Apr 12, 2011
I'm having trouble getting propper to create some props with all of the alternate skins I have set up. I'm going to use two TV's I have made as an example, but this is happening to other models I have made.

Basically these 2 TV's share the same textures, the only difference between them is one has a stand while the other has a wall bracket. The textures I'm changing are all custom ones, detailed here:
  • 0 = no_signal
  • 1 = black (off)
  • 2 = channel_01
  • 3 = channel_02
When compiled the first TV will have all 4 skin (0-3), but the 2nd TV will only have 3 skins (0-2). I've made sure all the files paths are correct and that the propper_skins for each model are set correctly. All the textures work, it's just that the models don't recognize they have more than 3 skins.

I've tried renaming the props and seeing if re-compiling makes a difference, which it didn't. Anyone got any ideas why this is and how to fix it?