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  1. ☽ℤℯℯℓ↺

    Costa Rican Sunset 2022-07-24

    This is an entry for the 72 Hour Jam! Done by: Zeel EKSD Lumi Make sure to check it out on the workshop!
  2. ☽ℤℯℯℓ↺

    Cruising Crescendo 2022-07-24

    This is an entry for the 72 Hour Jam! Done by: Zeel EKSD Lumi Make sure to check it out on the workshop!
  3. H

    Team Player Medigun 1

    lol get rekt how it looks: View:
  4. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Model Turn off the lights for some lamps

    For context, I am trying to change the theme of one official Valve map into an abandoned map. While changing textures and some models, I have noticed that some lamp models do not have the skin that turns off their lights. Basically, I need someone that could add a new skin for some lamp...
  5. yelta_

    Change Skin of entitys

    On my koth map I have two prop_statistics sign003.mdl. I want them to quickly change their skin when the point is captured, or while the point is being captured. Something like this: while Capturepoint.capturing == True: sign003.mld(skin) = random.randrange(0, 6) time.wait(1) return() If...
  6. Firebirdjr

    [Warpaint] Team Umbrella V1

    This is my second War Paint entry to the TF2 7hr Summer Jam. Art by Zuddles Pattern Setup, In-game testing, Seam patching - Firebirdjr
  7. Firebirdjr

    [Warpaint] Pineapple Appetite V1

    This is my first time ever being involved in any kind of Jam, and it was absolutely fun to make this Warpaint. Here is my entry!
  8. O

    72 Hour Summer Jam War Paint 2018-07-29

    With the 72 Hour Summer Jam going on I wanted to make a cool little war paint of the little JimiJam lemon. Replaces Plaid Potshotter MK.II
  9. Sir Limesalot

    Witch brew 2018-07-28

    Pattern by Sir Limesalot Pattern Fix and Promos by Rytugamer
  10. The Siphon

    Skins for a model doesn't work

    I've been working on a model for the 72hr jam. It's a cereal box with 2 bodygroups and 2 skins. The issue is that the second skin doesn't work. It only shows the red skin, has the option to change the skin, but when changing to the blue skin, it doesn't work. Only red skin shows up, even with...
  11. Mikroscopic

    Quick Tip: EZ Crops for War Paint previews

    Here's a neat trick I learned for getting transparent-background shots of weapon models for custom war paints using the ingame weapon preview. What we need to do is use layer blending modes in an image editor such as Photoshop or GIMP to create an alpha mask that can cancel out the background...
  12. Rusty Gate

    Time To Die 1.1

    To use on your own Citizen Pain. Go to your custom folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom) Create a folder, you can name this folder anything, inside the custom folder. In this folder, create a "materials" folder, and then a "patterns" folder inside of that...
  13. Colbruh

    The Sunburn A1

    This is a skin of the Turbine Torcher Decorated Weapon Skin. This skin is based on the classic beach style. How to Download - just drag the folder "Sunburned" into your custom folder This weapon may change some other decorated weapon skins. This skin is not final so message me any problems...
  14. Vipes

    72hr Jungle Duty

    Done for the 72 Hour Jam
  15. Mystic Monkey

    Retexturing props

    I got two model-texture based problems. One involving props, the other involving capture point hologram. So, I know how to replace default textures in TF2 (this tutorial helped) yeah haven't actually tried it on a TF2 default model, but I have with a custom model and it worked. But for my map...
  16. chemelia

    Tooltexture Skin Replacements v2

    This is a reupload of the original pack from August 13, 2015. Includes: Nodraw replacement for Backcountry Blaster Scattergun and Antique Annihilator Minigun. Skybox replacement for Aqua Marine Rocket Launcher. Trigger replacement for Forest Fire Flamethrower. Skip/Playerclip(based on team)...
  17. Axelefrost #TeamPyro

    72hr Halloween Scattergun texture!

    I'm sorry for what I downloaded this stuff just now! I had some problems with a PC and I had little time and was last renovated ! Once again, I apologize that I think you will understand me!
  18. Werewolf

    Propper created models missing skins

    I'm having trouble getting propper to create some props with all of the alternate skins I have set up. I'm going to use two TV's I have made as an example, but this is happening to other models I have made. Basically these 2 TV's share the same textures, the only difference between them is one...