PL mineshaft RC21

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Oct 6, 2008
mineshaft - Blue and red fight it out in a cave!

This is a sort of a Badwater a reskin but set up inside a cave / mining complex.

Have made a lot of changes to the map / style / gameplay.


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Mar 28, 2014
Looks kinda sexy. Wonder if I'll ever get to play it in action...


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Jul 31, 2016
Feels weird that this map has just 1 update, yet its an RC (Looks like it to!)

Have ya posted this on the workshop before TF2Maps?
Oct 6, 2008
Yea, the map was posted a long long time ago - since the link to the old map that was here is now gone, I updated it with this new thread via the download system. The map is more or less finished - unless you guys tell me where you think it could use some improvement. There were two places that I thought needed some improvement but I haven't mapped in over 6 months now. This is my more or less finished version.

If you guys see any place I could improve it more, please let me know :)
Oct 6, 2008
Map has been updated to RC4

Added in another cap point since there was a long gap in the HUD between points 1 and 2. So it's now 1,2,3.

Added in some more visual content to break up some of the hard corners.

Added in some more lighting, change some of the lighting.

Added in more ammo / health locations.

Added in another exit door blue 2nd spawn.

Added in some more directional signage.

Now waiting for feedback based on game play to see if any more changes need to be made before the final version is done.

Please download from the workshop for the time being - was going to upload new zip file but got called into work.
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Oct 6, 2008
Nuts - spawn bug occured - trying to fix it
Oct 6, 2008
Oct 6, 2008
Updated the map to fix an exploit where a red jumping class could fin their way into blue's 2nd spawn.

Removed a ladder so that red could not continually flank a blue push and attack them from behind - jumping classes will still have access so there is still some balance left at that spot

Removed a rock, replaced with a sloped ladder - works better for both teams as they no longer have to run around an obsticle.

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Oct 6, 2008
Oct 6, 2008
the download link
Oct 6, 2008
After a couple of reported bug with the final cap point - I checked out all the game logic and discovered the cause of the issue(TCPMaster had a wrong value), hopefully this is now fixed - permanently.

It did however give me the opportunity to

- debug one set of dynamic arrows for the blue team
- improve the sound system for the train as it moved down the tracks.
- added in some roll back and forward zones.

There should be no further updates after this - I'll ask for one more playtest to make sure everything is working right in a multiplayer environment, bots just don't cut it sometimes.

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Oct 6, 2008
- made the map a LOT brighter
- got rid of the fog
- added in a 1 way door to keep red from flanking top of 2nd point building
- adjusted a couple of dynamic arrows - timing
- and most importantly, adjusted the timing of the train slightly so I can get more of you outside the spawn door :)

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Oct 6, 2008
Where do I start?

- major redo of the cave displacements to make the place look more 'cavy'
- included some volumetric looking 'God rays' highlighting objects to create a more visual punch in places.
- streamlined a couple of flanking routes so they'll be used more.
- added in some light brushes to up light levels

Going to do one last artpass and then this map is done.

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Jan 30, 2016
Okay, found a few things when I loaded up the latest version. Splitting it up into some sections.

In spec cam, the drop down in BLU final spawn shows the trigger dev textures for some reason. Noting major there.

I will guess that the Danger sign in RED final spawn isn't ment to get cut off.

Compleatly missing the floor infront of the balcony stairs at B

The leftside exit out of BLU spawn has the steel door texture facing inwards and the grate texture outwards


The track for the payload after B lacks collision.

The walls of the shack, on the cliff side of A lacks collision, the door for it has though.

The buckets outside of the spawnroom at B lacks collision, anyone can enter.

I guess those boilers were ment to be solid, engies can build in the back of the spawn, and RED players can continually get ressuplied


Did notice that a door to the spawn dissapeared.

After a re-run through of the map, I was able to get it to disapear again by opening the door for the balcony at B.

Did end up getting myself stuck when riding the payload a few times.


That is all the big stuff I could find, hope any of it can be of any use.
Oct 6, 2008
thanks - i'm working on the final release
Oct 6, 2008
- this is almost the final version, will do one more map artpass test.
- completed 99% of the artpass findings from the rc_15 test

- thanks for the help

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