mineshaft RC_17

Blue and red fight it out in a cave!

  1. RC_17 is released

    This is an immediate fix for a version 17 bug found in testing enjoy
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  2. Version RC_16 is released

    - this is almost the final version, will do one more map artpass test.
    - completed 99% of the artpass findings from the rc_15 test

    - thanks for the help
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  3. RC 15 is released

    Where do I start?

    - major redo of the cave displacements to make the place look more 'cavy'
    - included some volumetric looking 'God rays' highlighting objects to create a more visual punch in places.
    - streamlined a couple of flanking routes so they'll be used more.
    - added in some light brushes to up light levels

    Going to do one last artpass and then this map is done.
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  4. RC 14 is released

    - made the map a LOT brighter
    - got rid of the fog
    - added in a 1 way door to keep red from flanking top of 2nd point building
    - adjusted a couple of dynamic arrows - timing
    - and most importantly, adjusted the timing of the train slightly so I can get more of you outside the spawn door :)
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  5. Version RC_13 Released

    After a couple of reported bug with the final cap point - I checked out all the game logic and discovered the cause of the issue(TCPMaster had a wrong value), hopefully this is now fixed - permanently.

    It did however give me the opportunity to

    - debug one set of dynamic arrows for the blue team
    - improve the sound system for the train as it moved down the tracks.
    - added in some roll back and forward zones.

    There should be no further updates after this - I'll ask for one more playtest to...
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  6. Updating the map version only

    Hmm...somehow this got missed - actual version is now rc12
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  7. Most Recent Version on Steam Workshop has been updated

    Most recent version on Steam workshop now online
  8. rc8 - update

    After another 32 player session, I made another tweak to the area around the third cap point - enjoy.
  9. pl_mineshaft_rc7

    Updated the map to fix an exploit where a red jumping class could fin their way into blue's 2nd spawn.

    Removed a ladder so that red could not continually flank a blue push and attack them from behind - jumping classes will still have access so there is still some balance left at that spot

    Removed a rock, replaced with a sloped ladder - works better for both teams as they no longer have to run around an obsticle.
  10. pl_mineshaft_final_rc5

    Map is now on rc5.

    Fixed broken spawn points and bots seem to do extremely well on this map.