Looking for people to collaborate with on Flora Event


Sabotage related, and Tak approved!
Jan 15, 2016
Hi everyone,

So I am finishing up working out all the kinks with my map Flora and getting ready to go into the detailing phase, however I personally am not capable of detailing due to both my lack of experience with detailing and me running TF2 at the lowest possible settings to improve my framerates leading me to have extremely pixelated textures and lower quality models.

Because of my limitations I am now looking for other mappers to collaborate with on my map. I am currently looking for mappers who has experience with detailing both city themed maps and junglesque/overgrown areas (examples include Mannhatten, koth_king, Lazarus, and Overgrown).

My current vision of the map is set in Boston with a giant carnivorous plant taking control over the surrounding area with vines and other greenery as a sort of reference to the musical "Little shop of Horrors" where players feed player gibs to two giant Venus fly traps located within a general store and a greenhouse that open randomly and close soon after, killing anyone unfortunate enough to be caught within the plant. During the round pitcher plants will randomly open allowing for players to teleport to the underworld, located within the plant's stomach.

On top of looking for collaborators for the mapping project itself for detailing, I am also looking for help with modeling some of the plants such as the pitcher plants and the flytrap crushers.

If you at all interested please contact me with some examples of your previous works and I will get back to you as soon as I can.