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  1. Reppeti

    Thoughts and/or help with my Mann Co. Museum?

    Hello! I never managed to finish making a map completely, but I think my current map idea fits the game so well that I don't want to leave it unfinished, so I thought I'll post about it here to regain motivation. I heard great things about this community, so I thought it's worth a try. So...
  2. OctoBlitz

    Looking for people to collaborate with on Flora Event

    Hi everyone, So I am finishing up working out all the kinks with my map Flora and getting ready to go into the detailing phase, however I personally am not capable of detailing due to both my lack of experience with detailing and me running TF2 at the lowest possible settings to improve my...
  3. Mazata

    Looking foor a experianced mapper with spooky knowledge

    Hello everyone! I'm searching for a mapper with knowledge to help me and make a halloween map reskin for the scream-fortress event. I want to make this as much of a 50/50 projekt as possible, so I'm thinking that the person that decides to add me helps me to chose what map we are going to...
  4. Yabayabayaba

    Map collaboration system (concept)

    I saw the 72hr entry Exquisite Corpse, and thought, it would be awesome to collaborate with other mappers. But blind collaboration produces problems and inconsistent maps. What if there was a hammer that let you see what the others were making in real time? Ok that is impossible, but this...
  5. Panckakebro

    Experienced collaborator for mvm_bronsted ASAP [~75% done]

    So the jungle update is approaching fast and I need a good worker to help me with my mvm map. I need someone to do logic, lighting, tool brushes, and final brushwork. REQUIRES: dewm textures and models borneo textures and models angkor textures and models
  6. GooGuGajoob

    5cp_jenkins (Collaborate or Claim!)

    Another project that was play tested and made it to A4 and was rather well received. Unfortunately, I know I will not finish this on my own so it's better at the hands of another. I've got demo files if you want to see how players used the map, all the resources you'll need when I hand it...
  7. uberchain

    72hr Pâtisserie en Pointé (TF2-Themed Cakes) 2017-02-13

    In collaboration with KichiART and Logan McCloud, Source Filmmaker and digital artwork make sweet, sweet love to each other within 72 hours (and 2 days before everyone's favourite Hallmark Holiday, Valentine's Day) to create some cakes based off our favourite 9 mercenaries. The combined time was...