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    Me and some other developers have been working on death run map with a Splatoon themed layout. Because we entered a more advanced stage in developing this specific map , we were thinking that we shold expand our little community by looking for more volunteers to test our map so we can have a more "genuine" gameplay experience of a casual game.


    If you want to participate in our project and lay your print , please read the rules before hand:

    1. You require the following programs to enter this testing squad : Team Fortress 2 , Discord and Hamachi

    2. The testing sessions will be mandatory for everyone , that's why we will prepare the testing sessions before hand.

    3. If you want to share your ideas or want to ask questions regarding the map , do not call the administrators or moderators of this group , make sure to post all in the public in our group so others can take their opinions aswell.

    4. If you want to invite your friends , please make sure to contact our Administrators.

    In the case everything you've seen so far sounds good , be sure to join our testing community:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/rGucaJS

    If you have questions that you would like to post , please comment here and we will try to reply shortly.

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