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  1. cyanic

    Environments 2 Talent Recruitment

    Hello! We have began the initial stages of work on Environments 2, another TF2 edit that will feature custom maps. Due to the increased scope of this second project, it will require the work of multiple talented people to deliver. We already have some incredible people interested, and if you...
  2. KWVance

    Model Team Furniture 2 Project

    Team Fortress Furnishings is now available to download in the SourceFilmMaker workshop! Thank you Tipsy Duck and Pte Jack The most downloaded tf2 workshop item for sfm is "suburbia" tf2 styled homes. One thing I noticed is tf2 has a lack of indoor related items when it comes to a home. I've...
  3. ZungryWare

    Map Libs: A silly community project!

    You've played mad libs, right? Or maybe you've seen Star Wars Uncut. In this variant, we've designed a very simple map skeleton. It's just doorways and objectives. It's then sliced up and the sections are all put up for the community to claim. Each person fills in their section (with some rules...
  4. SnickerPuffs

    BUEv2, a remake of TF2Tightrope's "Biggest Update Ever"

    After hearing about TF2Tightrope's closing, I decided to pay tribute by making my own version of one of their projects, "The BUE (Biggest Update Ever)". For those who don't know, The BUE held many ideas, additions, and changes that one would expect from an official Valve-made update, but most of...
  5. Chromsmith

    Looking for glitch-testers

    Me and some other developers have been working on death run map with a Splatoon themed layout. Because we entered a more advanced stage in developing this specific map , we were thinking that we shold expand our little community by looking for more volunteers to test our map so we can have a...
  6. Billo

    making a site on tf2maps.

    hello everyone, So i would like to create a web site for the project my team and i are working on and thats called skyfortress. We are most importantly currently working on the map for the project (pl_skyfortress) and a 2-3 mins short film supporting the project.Of course except those we need...
  7. Billo

    making a sky island floating up and down.

    how can i do a sky island ( a small one ) floating up and down? and also i would like to ask you, sky fortress is a acceptable name for the update? because i was looking for some guys to help me with music or animations and some of them told me about the saxxy 2014 sky fortress animation. and...
  8. Billo

    sky fortress project making all the classes viable for it

    well for sure scout,soldier,demo and sniper are perfect but i dont want only those. sure sniper will be overpowered but how can i make him not me? i tried putting some fences arround but it would look ugly and out of place if i add a great amount of fences. what else can i do? also one guy...
  9. Billo

    Sky Fortress project discussion

    Hey Guys! i Really Wanted To Update You Guys And Showcase What some Guys And i Are Working On. This called Sky Fortress (we can change The name if it Is not Suitable, thats Not A problem) so what is SkyFortres? its A Community made Update We Are Working On And It isnt Ready Yet. This Is Just an...
  10. Billo

    community project

    well my team and i are working on a project. how can we add this on tf2maps? i would be really thankfull to know thanks!
  11. D3M1G0D

    Mayann Themed Map Concept

    Hey all! The facepunch thread told me to post this idea here, and this is my first ever post on tf2m so I apologize if I break a rule. So I have a pretty stupid idea for a new gamemode and map specifically for the Mayann update. So stupid in fact that I'm not even sure it would qualify as a new...