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  1. dabmasterars

    Broken info_overlay texture

    When i try to place a custom overlay texture, it displays a broken image. The .vtf file uses "DXT1 with 1 bit alpha" and version 7.4. The vmt file contains this: "LightmappedGeneric" { "$basetexture" "sign_airstrike2" $decal 1 $vertexcolor 1 $vertexalpha 1 } The following images...
  2. dabmasterars

    unrendered wall glitch

    after compiling the map (custom version of barnblitz), one of the doorways became inaccessible because of an unrendered wall. this is not because of an areaportal loop, since that breaks all areaportals, not just one. here's a video demonstration:
  3. dabmasterars

    Black texture on a brush glitch

    After compiling the map with final lighting, one of the brushes turned completely black. This is just a regular brush, not a func_brush, not a func_detail. Below images are how it looks in game (compiled with final lighting) and how it looks in hammer. (lighting preview, triggers and nodraw on)...
  4. Mr. Piggens

    [Fixed] Screen is black when I load into map

    I'm very new to Hammer, so sorry if this is a beginner question. I was somehow unable to find anything on this when Googling, so I guess I just couldn't figure out the right keywords. When I load into my map in TF2, my screen is black, and if I move my camera around a bit I can sometimes see...
  5. @Psycho on Steam

    72hr Jam 2022 Rocketman 1

    Glitch style artwork of the Soldier by me.
  6. @Psycho on Steam

    72hr Jam 2022 The Founding Fathers 1

    All 3 American classes posing in front of a USA flag + a glitch effect.
  7. Atasco

    Can't Look Directly at Sun (Very Annoying)

    I only worded my post title like this because I thought it sounded really funny, hahaha So, I've been a little annoyed with a graphical glitch that causes the env_sun glow to blink out of existence if looked at directly or slightly to the side. At the moment I'm sort of covering up the issue...
  8. Schokohase

    Hammer Editor Crashed, now Bugged

    Hey, I'm new to Tf2 mapping and while making a map Hammer Editor crashed and now all the Textures are gone. Pls send Help.
  9. Japester


  10. B

    vvis/vrad/lighting problems

    So I am new to hammer, and trying to learn it. I watch UEAKCrash's tutorial of hammer, and currently i am watching this, chapter 1, episode 4: View: But I face some problems, as you can see is 2:20 of...
  11. B

    Weird rendering glitch

    Whenever I compile my map a lot of brushes render weirdly and a brush with displacements is missing completely. I'm not sure if it has to do with visleafs, if its a leak, or it has to do with the displacements. Here are some images. I fixed the problem. It was an error with the displacements.
  12. Chromsmith

    Found a glitch on pd_monster_bash

    I don't know if this is too much of a problem or the right place to point this out , but I found out by accident that you can actualy fall down the stairs when you are using the tiny spell in this area just by simply walking on the top stairs: Hopefully it can be fixed soon enough.
  13. Shorty1


    In hammer when i try to model something the window i am using begins to glitch out and start moving the box around and it starts flashing with another window on top resulting in the program being unusable and impossible to work with. An answer or fix would be greatly appreciated thank you
  14. Mazata

    Shiny metal glitch! [FIXED]

    When I run around in my map some textures are becoming shiny, most metal textures as shown on the pictures? Plz help!
  15. Chromsmith

    Looking for glitch-testers

    Me and some other developers have been working on death run map with a Splatoon themed layout. Because we entered a more advanced stage in developing this specific map , we were thinking that we shold expand our little community by looking for more volunteers to test our map so we can have a...
  16. XEnderFaceX

    Shadow Glitch

    Hi So, i built a Sentry above Reds Spawnroom, and somehow you can see the shadows.. Why? Can i avoid this?
  17. Infomaniac

    MvM tank spawns in the bomb hole

    I'm using the mvm_example pop file to test out my adopted mvm map, and on wave 3, the tank just spawns in the bomb hole and does it's thing, is there a fix for this annoying habit?
  18. AyeAye Kane


  19. Donatello

    [SOLVED] Texture glitch

  20. Py-Bun

    72hr Jam 2022 Glixel Abandoned Upward 2017-02-13

    First time joining the 72hr Jam. Made this within 3 hrs 22 min. timelapse of the creation View: