Looking for a pixel artist willing to help out on an interesting project

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    Hello there !

    So quick introduction to this project I'm working on, I started having an idea for an extremely original way of designing a map around 3 years ago, and to be honest at first I was just messing around in hammer trying to see what I could manage to do with entities but along the years that went by, this idea of mine developped into something wayyyyy big.

    What I'm planning to make of it as of right now is a full over the top 2D view map based on Undertale, also played like Undertale exept that monster encounters are more like minigames played against another player instead of having the same combat system as the original game. I'll explain more about that if you actually happen to be interested in helping out.

    To give an idea of what it looks like ingame, here's a short video demonstrating just the tip of the iceberg of what I have as of right now :

    Keep in mind the only video editing added was the cut I made in the middle there and at the end to keep as much content hidden eheh, the rest is from how the map looks like in game, without any added console commands or cheats etc.

    Now that I've presented the basics of the project let me explain the issue I've been facing ever since I started. For as much as I can handle everything mapping wise, I cannot do art for the life of me. I have tried many times either editing existing art or creating my own and everytime it just didn't look legitemate enough to fit. And well if it wasn't obvious enough this map is going to contain a lottttttttt of custom made pixel art. It would already take me like a year to make a decent looking tree so I can't imagine having to make all the assets I have planned by myself, hence why I'm hoping to find some artist out there that may be interested in working with me on this.

    The kind of person I'm looking for here would be someone that would be as interested as I am in completing the project and that is able to make decent looking undertale overworld style of pixel art. Time requirements aren't going to be an issue since I will also be working at my own pace so that's not something to worry about, and if you do decide to help you'll also get to work on the designing part of things like how combat works, what characters appear, what the ending would be like etc ... It won't be me just telling you to make the sprites I need since this will become our project and not just mine anymore. I'll also explain to you everything I have planned as of currently so you get a clearer idea of where this is heading towards and what a finished version would be like, and also show you the rest of what I didn't show in the video like other map interactions and the first monster encounter.

    Welp I think that's all I had to say for now, hopefully I've managed to get the general idea across, if you have more questions feel free to ask here or in pms or even to add me on steam, I am open to any kind of communication wherever you might find me.

    Thank you for reading hoping some of yall might be or know a person able to help <3
    - Toodeloo, GentleSpy