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Let's say I had a small map with just one CP

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by The Asylum, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. The Asylum

    aa The Asylum

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    Both teams can reach the capture zone fairly quickly, and it's just that one point that they need to capture.

    How long would you think that cap should take? 5 seconds? 10? More/less?

    Inquiring minds wish to know.
  2. DJive

    aa DJive Cake or Death?

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    depends the layout 100%
  3. grazr

    aa grazr Old Man Mutant Ninja Turtle

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    Well you don't want your map ending really quickly, but then you wouldn't want it lasting for ever. Nobody really knows with just 1 cp unless you playtest it. So get it into the game weekend. :p
  4. Apex_

    Apex_ L3: Member

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    This almost reminds me of that one gimmick class challenge map where the teams would finish the course and fight over the cap point. Only minus the gimmick, of course. I'm leery of single cap points simply because the objective never moves, making the CP area something of a deathmatch.

    Just an idea, but have you considered adapting the dom_ gametype percentage system setup at all? It might be more king of the hill styled to track progress that way rather than whoever caps first, and alleviate that mad rush in the beginning of a round to get there before the other team.
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