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Model Japanese Ammo Vending Machine 2018-01-30


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Mar 27, 2016
Japanese Ammo Vending Machine - A vending machine

A nice prop for japanese themed maps. Has 3 skins and 2 lods. (2.2k tris, 1.4k tris, 577 tris)

Could be useful to indicate a resupply closet or perhaps mark where ammo crates/health kits lie on the ground.

please let me know if any of text doesn't make sense.



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Nov 14, 2009
Oh hey, look who's back. :D

I can't judge this from an artistic standpoint, having never been to Japan, but it looks like it would fit in pretty well with Freyja's prop pack. We can always use more urban Japan all up ins.

On the technical side of things, I feel like it could use some AO in the dispenser and at the top of the base (on both the texture and the phong mask), especially since it's phong shaded and won't be receiving any self-shadowing from VRAD. Oh, and the UV mapping on the LODs is a bit off; the stripe doesn't line up all the way around.