is a payload race / payload map possible?


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Feb 7, 2014
So for a while now I've had the idea for a map that starts off as payload race the first round, and whichever team wins that round becomes to offensive team the next round while the other team defends.

Now I feel like it's possible to make this using tf2's logic, but I've been running into issues mostly involving round timers. My thought was to take the three stage payload logic and make it so that rounds 2 & 3 are the second round based off of the winning team, but many issues arose with this, having multiple round timers (even when disabled) caused timer issues, the team who won wouldn't have their cart moved to the second round, game_round_win entities were hard to tie to one timer, and various other minor annoyances.

So I've decided to make a post here to try and get some help/ideas on how to get this gosh darn mode to work, if it even can.


Jan 7, 2015
Gamemodes were never meant to be combined in TF2, and if they are, it's very difficult to pull off. Sometimes having multiple different sets of logic just doesn't work together.