I need someone to fix my particle effects.

Mar 23, 2013
So I have two particle effects, that don't work as intended and need help by someone with experience to fix the issues as I have barely any knowledge about the particle editor at all.

This are the two effects: http://i.imgur.com/zMU1yiW.jpg

The issues:

1: the orientation of the pentragram is a bit wonky depending on how close you are
2: the pantagram and the Quake logo sometimes don't appear when the particle effects recieves the "start" input and also won't disappear when the particle effect is supposed to stop. Everything else, the glow and smoke, does disappear and appear correctly.
3: the Quake logo was supposed to slightly hover up and down however it just slowly flies away, though I could live without the hovering if it's just bugged?

So it's only the two sprites that don't behave as I want them to, but have no idea how to fix them. If someone has experience with particle editing, I would be really glad if you could help me out and will definitely mention you in the credits for the map.

You can contact me on Steam as well.
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