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  1. radarhead

    Meaty Textures 1

    A collection of meat textures- it is what it says on the tin. Enjoy? Currently includes the following: /meaty/ meat001 (raw steak?) organ001 (lumpy and gross) organ001_reflect (requires cubemaps) organ002 (looks like a tongue) /water/ blood_pool blood_pool_dx8 Please let me know if you...
  2. XQJ-37

    (Request) Original TF2 CTF Quake map

    Can someone port the original Quake TF2 CTF maps/skins/sounds to the new TF2? I have all of the files but can't convert the .bsp files to .vmf. I'm sure this would be an undertaking, but would be awesome to go down memory lane with.
  3. coolface

    Corrupted Keep A1

    This is a remake of a map from Quake Champions intended for the Open Fortress sourcemod. Relatively small map made with the duel gamemode in mind. Needs a lot of work and has many issues I am aware of but otherwise, it's here.
  4. krizej

    td_longest_yard a1

    Longest Yard is a deathmatch map. I wanted to make it FFA, but TF2's friendly fire system is broken so it is team deathmatch. Deal with it. It is made using dev textures, I quite like how it looks that way - the gray tiles fit the space vibe pretty well (although I should have used some more...
  5. ☣ DzoT ☣

    sb_q3tourney6 a1

    Simple map from Quake III Arena for Smash Bros gamemode (:
  6. ☣ DzoT ☣

    dm_q3tourney6 a1

    Simple map from Quake III Arena for Deathmatch gamemode (:
  7. d3adfin

    Tremor a1a

    tremor is an open fortress duel map that takes heavy inspiration from the quake series, with it being influenced geometrically and aesthetically by maps like aerowalk, the bad place and elder. this map uses: fuzzymellow's urban texture pack theatretechie's cloud textures berry's autumnal pack...
  8. FragBait

    ctf_voidviolece a2

    A CTF map meant to capture the classic feel of the game mode, with rapid return times, accessible base designs and clever opportunities to get your flag back!
  9. So/\/ 0f A M0ther DucK

    Porting a Quake 3 map? (Q3TOURNEY6)

    Hey guys, I am working on a small arena shooter CTF server. I really wanna use Q3TOURNEY6 https://quake.fandom.com/wiki/Q3TOURNEY6:_The_Very_End_of_You I am not sure of the process or the scope of porting something... so here is a request for it
  10. HQDefault

    Bloodcov B1a

    A TF2 deathmatch map based off of the Quake champions map: Blood Covenant. I gave the map an entirely new TF2-styled coat of paint to go along with it. If we're gonna port maps, gotta do it right.
  11. Thermite

    CPM22 MGE b1

    The famous Aerowalk (cpm22) from quake games such as CPMA recreated for 1v1 MGE. Created from the CPMA cpm22 with health packs instead of amour and ammo packs instead of weapons. Players are limited to soldier only on MGE and start on 96 HP. Designed to be played with shotgun and not...
  12. Doggo

    Model Quake 1 models

    I'm looking for the quake 1 mdls converted over to work on source. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help me out with this. I'm looking for the key mdls in particular, although if possible all of the pickups(weapons, runes, armor, keys, etc) would be appreciated. MDLs Download (These...
  13. Pheenak

    koth_masonry_v1 2018-03-14

  14. Mess About

    Original a1

    Inspired by (or copy from) a Quake map: Dueling Keeps (or q3ctf1), I remade it but also add in a lot of changes to fit tf2 The name is also come from The Original, a Quake skin for the Rocket Launcher Note: the map is mirrored though Overview Intel room Courtyard Water flank...
  15. Lampenpam

    I need someone to fix my particle effects.

    So I have two particle effects, that don't work as intended and need help by someone with experience to fix the issues as I have barely any knowledge about the particle editor at all. This are the two effects: http://i.imgur.com/zMU1yiW.jpg The issues: 1: the orientation of the pentragram is...
  16. Ruchary

    ctf_turbine_quake (beta) 2016-12-18

    A remade of turbine with the style and original textures from quake 1 textures + map file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/681ylc5eou21d34/quake_textures_tf2.zip
  17. reevO

    Ok, so... HI. Please be gentle, for the time being.

    Hi! The last time I introduced myself on any type of discussion forum like this was probably when Bill Clinton was still in office. (Please save the dad jokes for after this message ends please. Thank you.) Nothing against introductions of course... I'm just quite bad at them. Anyways, it's...