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Mountain Man

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Dec 19, 2021
Mountain Man submitted a new resource:

Hypro - Hydro Cleaned Up

Hypro's main focus was to fix all the annoying little things about Hydro to make gameplay more smooth. Here are some of the changes we made:

- Faster respawn times
- Slightly longer cap times
- Added a set-up time for the final rounds
- Lightened up dark areas
- Made a lot props non-solid
- Made door open faster and sooner
- Minor housekeeping fixes and more

We wanted to just clean up default hydro without making a bunch of layout changes.

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Mountain Man

L1: Registered
Dec 19, 2021
Mountain Man updated Hypro with a new update entry:

Hypro b1a

Update changes:

- Added an overview of the map prior to each round like in Hydro
- Made the control points letter more noticeable with Emil's Custom Icons
- Added more signs to label control points better
- Added more lights
- Added a func_nobuild to the vent outside of Blue's final point
- Made more prop non-solid

Let us know if you see anymore additions we can make.

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