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  1. Mountain Man

    TC Hypro

    Mountain Man submitted a new resource: Hypro - Hydro Cleaned Up Read more about this resource...
  2. Mountain Man

    Hypro b1b

    Hypro's main focus was to fix all the annoying little things about Hydro to make gameplay more smooth. Here are some of the changes we made: - Faster respawn times - Slightly longer cap times - Added a set-up time for the final rounds - Lightened up dark areas - Made a lot props non-solid -...
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Hydro (Hold All Locational Objectives) a1a

    This is a test map for the Hold All Locational Objectives gamemode
  4. Khuntza

    Mirrored Maps - tc_ordyh b3

    Team Fortress 2 maps mirrored as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps we know like the back of our hands a fresh take. It will mess with your head! Mirrored especially for the 2019 72Hour Summer Jam. This map contains several new...