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Hypro b3

Hydro Cleaned Up

Hypro's main focus was to fix all the annoying little things about Hydro to make gameplay more smooth. Here are some of the changes we made:
  • Faster respawn times
  • Slightly longer cap times
  • Added a set-up time for the final rounds
  • Lightened up dark areas
  • Made a lot props non-solid
  • Made doors open faster and sooner
  • Minor housekeeping fixes and more
  • Now using LizardOfOz's Extra Gameplay Overlays Pack

We wanted to just clean up default hydro without making a bunch of layout changes. We do want to make layout changes later.

Did we miss something? Let us know!
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Latest updates

  1. Hypro b3

    Update changes: Reworked the changes on a new decompiled version on Hydro that could compile everything Added some health packs and ammo spots Fixed the block bullets brush on red pushing into blue's last point Reverted minor layout changes to...
  2. Hypro b2a

    Update changes: - Fixed an issue with A's setup door being closed when it's not supposed to be This version is not repacked. I'm not sure why I cant get this to work. Let us know if you see anymore additions we can make.
  3. Hypro b2

    Update changes: Replaced all signs with black and white neutral signs and added star signs for each team's final point from LizardOfOz's Extra Gameplay Overlays Pack Took out Emil's Custom Icons and replace it with the normal HUD overlay one's...