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Do you like the Humiliation feature in TF2

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  1. Mekmoor

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    New to TF2Maps, not new to Valve mapping (DoD).
    I have a simple question, is there a way to prevent the winning team to enter spawn upon victory?

    filter_team and func_respawnroomvisualizer doesn't work.
    Both are letting the enemy enter the spawn after they won.

    I might be alone about thinking humiliation this is very irritating, never liked the idea of killing unarmed players.
    I know, I know, it's just a game... but I still getting annoyed.
  2. markcocjin

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    You solve that by creating a physical obstruction that prevents the enemy team from entering the spawn.

    1. Separate the spawn area from the re-supply area
    2. Make the spawn exit high and small enough that it would be near impossible to reach and land on.

    Practice on the map on your own. A super or double jump always flies on an arc. Try putting an overhang over the opening so that if they do reach that height, they hit the overhang and have their trajectory interrupted. You can also position the exit so that there are no convenient jumping spots.

    A good example of a good code-less one way exit is the duct drop at Granary.
  3. Mekmoor

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    Thats one way to do it but then the loosing team wont have anywhere to go when they loose. They will be sitting ducks then.

    I'm going to work with logic a bit and see if I can create something form that.
  4. tyler

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    A good solution to your problem is to recognize that this isn't a problem, and more people will be baffled and annoyed that they can't attack the other team in spawn than the opposite.
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  5. grazr

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    "Humiliation" is supposed to motivate players to defend/attack better in future, if and when they lose a game. It's an incentive to beat the other team to slaughter potential hard to kill nemesis's; and an incentive to not lose, otherwise your dominations might be lost (ontop of the general desire to not die and have an impressive looking KD ratio).

    Basically, as yyler has already said: This is supposed to happen.

    You can create a physical barrier such as a func_brush or func_door that locks players in their spawn (irrespective of team filters); but most of the players will probably die anyway and this will only influence defending teams to give up on the last point and save their life instead of defending and potentially winning in overtime.
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  6. Mekmoor

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    We all know that it doesn't encourage or motivate people more to win this game. In fact, people tend to run away when the game is about to end just to avoid getting humiliated.
    So I don't think that everyone like this feature.

    Sure, I could just play another game but I have just got hooked on this one..

    I tried to use logic to reset the filter_team when a team have won the game but I think the filter itself getting disabled when game is over.

    I'm going to make my map with safe spawn, as much as possible that is.

    Am going to try some other way to solve this by bypassing the filter_team, there might be a solution to this.

    I just found a way using team_control_point_master and env_fade

    in team_control_point_master, set the output OnWonByTeam1 ( for Red team) to activate env_fade and set the output OnWonByTeam2 ( for Blue team) to also activate env_fade.

    This will make the players blind. They might can kill anyone by shooting in the dark.. or?
    ( haven't tested yet, am at work)
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  7. gamemaster1996

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    And how is blocking of the spawn going to stop them from running and hiding, surely it encourages it?
  8. LeSwordfish

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    In fact, if the spawn closes altogether, the sensible thing to do is to run away sooner rather than later, or you get locked out.
  9. Mekmoor

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    My idea from the beginning was to prevent access to spawn for the enemy all the time, even after the game ends, so there is one safe place to be.

    The basic idea is to prevent the humiliation altogether on at least my maps..

    But there is one other way around to this and it's to prevent the winning team killing the others either by blanking the screen with a pretty picture, scoreboard or similar, or by rooting them to the ground.
    But then they will be able to kill those in sight.

    Are we who thinks the humiliation feature of tf2 are stupid so few?
    Do really everyone else love it?

    if so, I must be out of sync with the world then...
  10. Huckle

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    While I can agree that it's a game feature, I don't really like it either.

    One way to solve this is to have a huge explosion like on payload maps where having the explosion kill everyone make it less of a humiliation (because dying from something else is more fun?). Another is to simply raise the entrance to the spawn, making it a one-way exit for the defending team. This will still make it possible to rocket or sticky jump up and kill everyone though.