How do you personally start an A/D map?

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Aug 8, 2017
I've been wondering: Do people usually start an A/D map with their last point; do they start with BLU spawn and outwards; or do they start at some other spot? So I wanted to ask, where do you guys start with your A/D map(s)? I guess you could explain why you do it; but I'm really just curious as to where most people would start, so it's not necessary to explain.

(In case this should belong in Mapping Discussion, I put this in Off Topic because most of the Mapping Discussion stuff revolves around people's issues with their maps and I didn't know if it would apply, so I just went with the safer option)


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Dec 23, 2012
On all my maps, regardless of type, I typically get a vision of a place or a specific gameplay idea. I build out from this area but typically these single areas are not bound to a specific map so I get a backlog of ideas and use them when it feels like "this should go here". So it could be a anywhere I start at though a point might be most likely.

Having unique key areas not only make the map, and each area on it, distinct but give landmarks for easy navigation.

Also reality is a great inspiration if you have that starting point but need more places to finish a map. Google what you have and see what comes up.

Beyond that I pay attention to walk times to know how far apart things should be. Walk between areas with Heavy, because he is slowest, and count off the time compared to similar official maps. Knowing the distance not only helps with gameplay but also helps you know how many areas you can fit in or not.
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Mar 23, 2017
I've only made one A/D map, Cathedral, a 2CP A/D. When I first started it, I started at the first control point, the reason being this was the section of the map I had the best idea of what I wanted to make. I wouldn't say I will always start with this point, or in the future I will always start in the same control point or area. Rather, I just start with the area which has been most thought-out. With Cathedral, that happened to be the first CP.


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May 8, 2017
I'm currently working on my first AD map (minery) and for me since how the gameplay is based on you moving to each area, its more of a step up then a step down as you progress through the map the same way as the players, plus its always nice to get feed back from a growing map that went from 1st stage to last (that's if its multi stage) as for 1 stage or 3 cp. pretty much the same thing but not multi stage heh but maybe better to start with red side depending on the feel of the map . Its really up to you and how you feel when you make it