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    I've worked with Hammer on and off over the past few years, and I've always wanted to actually try and learn it in order to create something great! I've been working on a very basic map over the past few months. I was actively working on it, but lost interest mid-way despite my original passion going into the project. I've known about this site for quite a while and I've always wondered my I didn't join it. I'm hoping that the creative minds and talent on this site will drive me to continue to work on my own projects.

    I'm a strong believer in believing that you can get better at anything if you just keep trying and trying, and I hope that with the feedback of my fellow users of this site, that I can become the very best mapper I can be. I look forward to all the new faces and friends I'll meet on this site, and hope one day that I can be just as great as some of the talented mappers on this site.

    I'll try my best to get my first map out in the upcoming weeks, so I can receive the best feedback I can. I look forward to meeting everyone here! Here's a sneak peek at a part of my map. (Still Pretty Unfinished though!)

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    Hey there Monke, welcome!

    If you haven't already, check out UEAKCrash's tutorials on the YouTubes. They're so good even Valve took notice of them and made a blog post about it! Check those out here.

    If you want to make mapping for TF2 a bazillion times easier, download and install the ABS Resource pack. It's awesome and brilliant and super easy to install and work with.

    For other stuff join the discussion and question section here to ask anything about everything Hammer/TF2/Source related. If you have any maps you want to show to the world and get tested, upload them here by clicking on the big blue button on the top right that says "Add Download". It gets put in the Map Factory automatically for you. The Valve Developer Wiki is also a great place to search for things related to Hammer and Source, as well as other Valve titles you might want to map for. Finally, there's this place. If after compiling something is broken, or if there's something in the compile log you don't understand, run it trough the website to have it check for errors. 90% of the time it points you to the error, and it saves you from having to post your compile log here (which we're gonna run trough the same website anyway since we're not libraries with every error in our brain). If neither you nor Interlopers can figure it out, post it here anyway. That part about us not having every error programmed into our head isn't entirely true by the way; some of us do have it in their head.

    Have fun with Hammer! Just don't forget to mash CTRL+S after every change you've made in Hammer, just to be sure.

    Have a great time here, and most importantly, have fun! (that's so important I have to say it twice within 3 sentences!)
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    Welcome on this forum!