Greetings TF2Maps!

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Dec 17, 2017
Hello everyone! My name is Fatih. I'm an animation student in Turkey and want to be a 3D modeler or VFX artist (didn't decided which one to focus on, yet).

I played TF2 a few years ago but my old "wooden" PC didn't let me play anymore, and a few monts ago I've bought a new gaming/semi-workstation PC for my school works and games I love to play and installed my lovely TF2 too of course ^^

I've found this site via @Egan. I was digging through Steam to find 3D modelers, VFX artists etc. and find Egan and some others, then Egan tell me about this site.

Even I'm an animation student I have know little about 3D modeling and VFX. We currently doing cel animations and basic 2D animations in school.

In school, we'll start to do 3D modeling in next year, but I think to start it early for my own and I hope one day you'll play on one of the maps that I'll create for TF2!

Have a good day/night! :)

Ohh, I almost forgot it. This is a 2D animation that I've created using Spy sound:
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Feb 8, 2016
heyo and welcome!
i am an animator too and i want to give you a time that may help you.
draw a single frame that is going to be the "final" appearance of the character etc.
and then just to make the animation look good and more alive just draw the spy for example moving but only use some lines for that.
if you see the animation works and it plays good then add colour and detail to it.
i hope i helped ;)


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Jul 31, 2016
Welcome to TF2Maps!
The closest I've gotten to animation was through SFM, which I've toyed around with for a while.
I hope you enjoy your stay