First Map Blues

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    So, I've been digging myself deeper in this hellhole hailed Hammer; I've got a respectible-ish 15 hours down on Source SDK, and my first map is coming along, if incredibly crudely. I served myself well to read dozens upon dozens of tutorials on intentionality and architecting vast sweeps of combat like a conductor guides an orchestra. I planned out my map using flowcharts and graph paper. I created what I believe to be a solid concept fit for a map.

    Looking back:

    On the bright side, I know how to use brushes.

    On the flipside, my blocking is barbaric, my displacements disastrous, my scaling seriously sucks, and my 'optimization' is simply obnoxious.

    I personally can finally feel somewhat comfortable calling my map _a1, though it's not as far along as other first alphas. It's got spawns, brushes, working control points, but it lacks props, detailing, lighting, and textures (however much I wanted to avoid 'orange syndrome' I couldn't focus on building a map, texturing properly, and learning hammer, all at once.

    I'm torn: I feel like I should set up a thread for the map so I can gather feedback and (more importantly) get tips on how to implement things in Hammer, but I also feel like my map may be beyond saving and I should move on to another concept. I'd like to get some input on what I should do from here.

    Also, I just realized how to use ABS' Prop Library and such (I thought it superseded the model viewer and didn't realize it was a vmf in and of itself), so I'd like to take the opportunity to praise ABS profusely:

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    1) Post map
    2) Get feedback
    3) Improve your product + refine your skills from that feedback

    If you feel like you want to upload a map, go ahead and do it! You learn a ton from having your map tested and open for criticism from the public.

    We do have two map sections after all; the workshop and the showcase. It doesn't really matter how "good" the workshop maps are. It's just where we all get our feedback, from the very start of our career.

    Edit: I also want to add that the fact that you've even LOOKED into optimization after only 15 hours of mapping is VERY promising. I don't think i even considered it myself until i was a good 120 hours into mapping.
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    I agree. Post you map. Get it in a gameday.

    You'll learn a ton more from what you've done so far and you next map will be that much better.
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    If it is playable and you are happy with it being as is, then submit it to gameday.

    People love to play new maps, no matter how bad they are.

    But they won't play a bad map twice, so make sure you make improvements for A2!
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    At least your alliteration is admirable and your limerick laudable.

    The first step I'd recommend is to post some screenshots of your compiled map in the WIP thread, including what you believe to be the trouble spots. If it's really as bad as you say, especially if you're making any common mistakes, we should be able to glean why before it ever goes into testing.
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    Also note that an untextured "orange" map is what you SHOULD have in an a1. Just make the dev textures not eye-bleeding and you'll be fine. Use the team colors and not too much orange and you'll be fine. If you over-detail now, you'll end up regretting it when you want to make changes later.

    As long as it's not a fullbright map or too dark, you'll be fine on lighting as long as you toss a few regular light entities around your dark spots. Fine-tune it later.
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    Contrary to popular belief, professional-grade maps are blocked out using exclusively the chicken wire texture.
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