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KotH Factlock A6

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Aug 11, 2018
Factlock - My first map

This is technically a1, I just make multi copies in case of corruption/ major logic problem.

Stuff that I know I need to add/modified:

Spawn doors
Color of patches and signs.


Da Spud Lord

Occasionally I make maps
Mar 23, 2017
Protip: Use "cl_drawhud 0" to hide your HUD for better looking screenshots.


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Aug 11, 2018
Update log a5

details and quality of life stuff section:

-changed some red textures into blu texture on blu side

-resupply cabinets should’t float or be stuck in the ground. (hopefully)

-moved the spawning locations in spawn in a location that should hopefully not make people force to walk into a wall (well… less than the previous version)

-added the first bit of overlay detail (might remove later, just though it was nice for the moment)

-added some tape over the point (I hope it’s the correct tape)

geometry section:

reworked the hill

(this included, no more ceiling and glass, the side ramps getting lowered by 64hu, metal point plate now in the proper spot)

-removed a 64hu by 64hu (16hu tall) bump

-lowered the mid path in the hill area by 32hu

-made the metal fence on the left path 64hu (from 224hu)

-reworked the parkour section behind the sniper perch into a walkable area (no need to jump, that’s what I’m saying)

-added a 64hu by 256hu (32hu tall) ramp at the leftest flank of hill area

-added some player clips in the left flank of the hill area (probably gonna reference this area as the conveyor section but I won’t impose callouts)

-reworked the 64hu step staircase (tried)

-made the skybox 200hu taller

gameplay pickup section:

-changed the small health kit at near spawn into a small ammo pack

-changed the small health kit on mid path into medium health kit

-changed the medium health kit at the bottom of the conveyor into 2 smalls

-added a small ammo pack next to the side ramps near the point

-changed the small ammo box in the top path out of spawn into a medium (not the one near spawn)

-changed the small health kit in the vent into a medium health kit

-time for point to unlock now 32 seconds (from 35)

things planned for the near future (with the reasonning):

-add doors to spawn (duh)

-add a one way door to the vent (mostly to stop jumping classes to take the anti-camp flank)

-make the vent pathway take more time to travel (since I was testing the map logic with bots -and they always took this path over the other ones)

-fix the fadeout issue that happen when looking from one sniper perch into the other -without affecting the current state of the point in the same update (cuz this version got a -pretty big hill rework)

-find a way to make a second way to get to the sniper perch (I want to remove the 64hu -steps high staircase that leads in that location)

-rework to flank under the point (hard to balance the packs)

P.s. some of the work got undone because hammer crashed, if there any complaints due to something in the log that isn’t in the map happen, please notify me and I’ll change the log and the map accordingly

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