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Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Terrorist5150, Nov 25, 2011.

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    How can I put custom props into my map? Like ones downloaded and not official from any source games?
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    They should be available for use in Hammer like every other model, assuming you've put the model files in tf/models/whatever and textures in tf/materials/models/whatever.
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    And you will need packrat for putting them in your map so everyone can see them.
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    It's called "Pakrat", and it's pretty much been succeeded by PackBSP now.
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    There have been a few issues where packBSP doesn't collect everything and packrat is needed to find the last few textures packBSP missed, I know this from experience. So having both is a good idea.
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    Can you be more specific on that question?

    Possible answer to your question:

    -To add props into Source SDK, you have to first export the object or the prop from a 3D modeling programs using SMD format, then using notepad++ or any program language tools to compile the texture and the model into .MDL format. From there, it should be available in Hammer or in Model Viewer.

    -To ensure the prop is in your .bsp files of your map, use Pakrat and embed both the models and the textures to your BSP and be sure to save it.

    -To View the models in Hammer, create a entity and change the class to prop_static. From there, go to the world model, and find your model. Once you found your model, hit ok or enter, and press apply. Your model should be visible in hammer.

    Hopes that help!
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    Yes, pakrat is infinitely more stable and reliable than packBSP even though packBSP is more recently developed.

    Not only will packBSP crash more it misses stuff more consistently. pakrat only misses certain elements like particles. But i've never used the autofind feature, it's very little effort to just run through your models directory and shift-select a bunch of model and texture files. If you manually pack your stuff there are no issues.

    This is completely unnecassery. As long as the model is in your TF directory it will appear in Hammer as an available option to your prop_static/dynamic/physics entities... and i really don't think he means to compile his own models, since he specifically mentioned he's downloaded them from a resource site.
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