72hr cp_slinkyware a1

Somewhat-long 5 CP map.

  1. Startacker!

    Server Staff Startacker! WARNING: Cluster portals saw into cluster

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    cp_slinkyware - Somewhat-long 5 CP map.

    May or may not contain slinkies.

    Name based on the original design of this map, come take a gander at Slinky Ware! Compete for warehouses, escalators, etc!

    20170211165243_1.jpg 20170211165314_1.jpg 20170211165322_1.jpg 20170211165331_1.jpg 20170211165347_1.jpg 20170211165351_1.jpg 20170211165358_1.jpg 20170211165404_1.jpg 20170211165411_1.jpg 20170211165417_1.jpg 20170211165431_1.jpg 20170211165434_1.jpg 20170211165438_1.jpg 20170211165454_1.jpg 20170211165458_1.jpg

    (Special thanks to ABS)