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    I suggest that new users be sent a message, (I was sent one by @drp but I dont think hes a bot) that would welcome players as I was. (if drp is a bot or can somehow PM every new player then disregard this message or maybe add the links im suggesting)
    Note: PM = Conversation, but in every other forum its a private message.

    The PM would contain links to Crash's youtube channel, or the youtube playlist of his tutorials, a few usefull sites, like the Valve mappers reference and the skybox list, and interlopers compile log error checker.

    Also some instructions on how to get maps tested, and post to, as I had to post in the threads to find an answer, and apparently there was a thread made, but its never looked at: Boop

    This message could also be update to suggest that new users perhaps enter new contests.
    Ex Message:
    (copied my "welcome here" message and edited it)

    Welcome to Mapping community and thank you for registering! We're excited to have you!

    Please feel free to Introduce Yourself here. To change your user Settings & Options please check out your User CP on the top right.

    If you are looking for help or Tutorials Please look at our Tutorials Section and our Mapping Link Resources thread. Also one of our senior staff members has created a valve advertised tutorial series for hammer.

    Recently our forums have changed a bit, so to explain how to post your awesome map, read this thread.

    If you'd like to jump right into the action, is hosting (example event) the 72hr Summer Mapping Contest.
    We give you a BIG welcome to our Mapping community and really hope you enjoy your stay with us, we cannot wait to see your first creation!

    - Staff and Community
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    DRP is not a bot but the forum is setup so that every new user receives a message from him since he's the root admin. It's automated, but I do agree the message needs updating.
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    We updated it about a month ago, all senior staff are participants in a conversation that starts:

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