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  1. xCape

    Seeking mappers for a big winter-themed event! Can pay.

    Hello fellow map creators! If you are a map creator looking to improve your skills, get new connections and more, read along! I'm looking for someone who can help us create a map for a large event we are planning to host around the end of the year. My vision of the map is that it's like a large...
  2. Ðoge

    HELP With custom texture and server glitch

    All custom textures are broken on map while playing at serveme servers. But at solo game it totally fine
  3. Agenzia Delle Entrate

    hide prefix "workshop/" from the map

    I can't find anything about deleting the prefix workshop, is there a plugin to show the map name without the workshop/ ?
  4. Ðoge

    Server FastDL question

    Can I use third party link for FastDL, if it contains all maps that I need? For example this one Because I`m trying to use it and doesn`t work. Server commands: sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 net_maxfilesize 64 sv_downloadurl ""
  5. Monotone

    [SOLVED]How do I know if I compiled right? Costume map not working on my server

    Okay so I set up a custom server using View: The server works fine and a friend and I can both connect and play on it together, but when I selected my costume map (which is a .bsp file in the maps folder) the server command prompt says "map load...
  6. Lucabutt

    [SOLVED] Looking for someone to help improve a map I use for my TF2 server

    Henlo, As the title of the thread states, I'm looking for an advanced mapper who has some time on their hands to help me out. I, along with a friend, was working on a trade map that I'm using for my TF2 server and we've done what we could with it but there are still plenty of issues that I'd...
  7. sage78

    MvM servers?

    How come the EU TF2maps server is now an MvM server? When did the switch happen? I would preffer if it was a normal server with custom maps... Also, the NA server is outdated.
  8. So/\/ 0f A M0ther DucK

    How to use !activator in a Point_ServerCommand

    I want it in my map so when a player walks over a trigger box I can use the command sm_givew "playername" "weapon". Is there a way to pass the player name in this query?
  9. G

    [Help] MvM Server changes to wrong map on map vote

    Heya! I'm currently running an MvM server with custom maps. I have set up a tf_missioncyclefile in tf/ which includes all of the maps and missions that the server will be using. Similarly I have also set up a mapcycle.txt file which simply holds a list of all the custom maps. The...
  10. ={LF}= 『Inspector☆Lag』

    Looking for assistance on a map for my server.

    Hi, if anyone has the time to do so, I'm running a server with the map named 2Fart. It is a great-looking map (despite the name), but for my server's needs, it is a little lacking. I need a few things on it and I would do it myself if I had any knowledge on how to make maps. I will link you to...
  11. Qersojan

    [RESOLVED] Need Help with TF2Items Source Mod Plugin.

    So I've gotten source mod successfully working on my private dedicated TF2 server. I want to make a simple change and remove the clip size penalty on the backscatter for everyone on the server. I assume to do this I need the "TF2Items" plugin so I've installed it. I attempted to do this using...
  12. The Warden

    Looking to hire someone to make a trade map

    I am looking for someone to make a trade map. I want the map to have a small basic fighting area and several event areas. I would like the events to include spycrab, boxing, raffle, versus headless horseman, cart racing, and trivia. I want each of them to have areas that can only be noclipped...
  13. Admiral Metal Giant

    where to find server-downloaded maps?

    So there was a medic vs engineer server I joined and on one of the maps it has this door that was labeled VIP with a 3x3 set of squares that I assumed was a keypad. To figure out how to get in, I loaded up hammer and tried to find the map (it was called zs viaduct) and look at the "button"...
  14. UltimentM

    Getting Server Voting for Custom maps (RESOLVED)

    So just off the bat, I have had about a week to try and solve this, but I feel like I'm getting a stroke. Anyway, I'm trying to allow players to vote for custom maps on my TF2 MvM server, but for whatever reason, the vote keeps showing the default maps (Rottenburg, Mannhattan etc.) I've tried...
  15. Mr.Lol

    need help with Vbot

    can't update my map on server, typed !add koth_cave, after it tried to !update koth_cave koth_cave_b1 and !update koth_cave URL but it doesn't work. in !maps list my map dont have a url, how to add it?
  16. Mr.Lol

    How do i get fb on my map?

    I know, that on tf2maps servers installed feedback addon, if someone will fb on my map, how will i get it? And is there any other sources of map fb?

    How to map workshop mapnames to a steam ID?

    For a tinkering hobby project, I'm mapping out all community servers on a map. I'm trying to programmaticly gather meta-data for each server, but I've hit some bumps. For example; I want to map a workshop map name to a steam community ID to gather thumbnail data etc. But how can I map such...
  18. Twist.vmf

    storage a1

    built in 1951 and purchased by too men not to long after, this is one of the least safe places in New York, but our motto is "at least were not hoboken!"
  19. Twist.vmf

    delete this thread

    so my ban was supposed to be lifted but i'm still not allowed on the server! can someone please help me figure this out?
  20. Gatorix

    Server on the West Coast?

    So. I have been fascinated by custom maps for months now... My only and greatest woe is not being able to join the rest of the people testing maps because it is located on the East Coast and I live on the West. My ping soars way over 100 whenever I attempt to join and I feel like I can't give...