Any suggestions for map layout change?

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    Hello all,

    I recently had my map tested in the gameday, and I found out that I needed to fix a chokepoint

    I am asking for help with this section, as I am currently changing it, and am pleased with it, except for one thing: one sentry gun in the optimal spot can lock down all entrances.

    here is the image


    this is a pic of the section right after cap 1, where the chokepoint was.
    the sentry I am placing is the optimal spot that can lock down the whole spot

    1) one of the new passages around the side. there is an attacking gate behind there that only opens once BLU caps the first point. the gate is there so BLU can't get behind RED before they cap the first point. as you can see, the sentry can reach to this passage

    2)behind the stairs is the chokepoint, now with 50% less choke!
    anyways, because of the new stairs, the chokepoint alley is even longer, which I dont have a problem with, as there are new passages. the problem is that the sentry can get BLU guys coming out of there, too

    3)another new passage from up above. it connects to the cabin's deck. sentry can reach up there too

    4) RED's forward spawn is over there. not behind the stairs, in front of them. I think this may be one of the problems, because not only can RED lock this area down, their teammates will be spawning nearby.

    now, normally I wouldn't be asking about stupid changes that I could make myself, but I have thought about it and can't figure out how to fix it. should I keep it like this and leave it up to BLU's ubers? or should I change it so it wont be another big chokepoint?

    so basically I'm just trying to solve the sentry lockdown problem
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    Make 1 be barriered off and extend farther, ending in a one-way gate, so players can come out behind the sentry, but it'll be hard to camp that exit. You could also make the doorway to 3 larger, so soldiers can shoot rockets out of it and be out of the sentry's range.
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    Hard to say from just one pic. If this area is really close to spawn, you can just block off access to it from the enemy team. (You said that red spawns right near there, so it might be feasible.)

    Another thing you could try is to just add a building to the right of that picture. What I mean is have another smaller building extend from the stairs to behind where the sentry would be placed. Have the height go as far up as you need to block any line of sight with the stairs(2), the tunnel(3), and the spawn(4). If possible, you can still make it so that the spawn has a path to behind where the sentry would be put. This way that whole area to the left of the stairs is visible to the sentry, and nothing else is.

    You might also want to make it up just high enough so that players can get access to the roof via rocket jump or by jumping on top of crates or something, so that the Red team can knock out any sentries from above.

    Also, consider adding a separate exit for the spawn. This way they can't be (easily) spawn camped, since they'll have one other exit to escape from.

    Again, it's really hard to judge based off this one screenshot, but that's my initial thought for the problem.
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    thanks for the suggestions, I will think about them all. to clarify the screenshot more:

    I am worried about RED (which I am RED in the screenshot) putting a sentry down here to block BLU from advancing after cap 1. This is an attack/defend map

    forget about red's forward spawn. by now blu would have cap'd the first cap, disabling the forward spawn

    2 is not only the chokepoint, but also where blu is coming from after they cap'd the first point

    sorry for any confusion
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    Ultimately a single sg will not be able to shoot more than 1 person at the same time, and any sensible player will shoot at it from around a corner. You probably don't need to be as concerned as you are. But of course, more than one sg could be placed there..

    What is over to the right? A scout/demo/soldier could be able to jump to cover off screen.. maybe emphasise that?