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    I think the name says all, it's a lab, only a really weird lab:
    The red team used to work with barrels filled with dangerous chemicals and the blue team used to work on new drinks: the BONK

    There aren't any doors, sorry, but like I said, it's my first map
    PLEASE, LEAVE SOME FEEDBACK, I DEMAND IT, IT MEANS A LOT TO ME, REALLY, even if my map sucks, I need to know
    ENJOY !! ^^

    Edit: don't mind the purple checkers on the images, I fixed them all.
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    Your models and reflective surfaces have purple checkers, you need to build your "cubemaps".

    Place env_cubemaps anywhere where (you can just use one if you want to remove the effect, but to properly reflect your map areas you'll want one in each unique location). The sniper's scope reflects the scene so you'll want them in most areas, even if you don't have reflective surfaces present. Cubemaps are basically entities that take screen caps on their 6 sides and applies them to the surfaces of local reflective objects.

    To build your cubemaps:
    Assuming you use HDR as default.

    Load your map.
    Open console.
    Type: mat_specular 0 (This turns off reflections)
    Type: buildcubemaps (This performs the screen caps)
    Type: disconnect (disconnect from the local game)
    Type: mat_hdr_level 0 (This turns off HDR)
    Type: map "prefix_yourmap" (relaods your map)
    Type: buildcubemaps (build your second set of cubemaps, without HDR)
    Type: mat_specular 1 (set reflections back on)
    Type: mat_hdr_level 2 (reloads HDR)
    Type: reloadallmaterials (this should refresh your memory cache and load your reflections)

    If reloadallmaterials doesn't work load a new map (ctf_2fort or something), then load your map again afterwards. Loading the new map forces a memory cache refresh.
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    I would take out the bonks and replace them with blue barrels, as the bonk is likely to be distracting.

    I would also consider much more ceiling height variation, i.e. some rooms have vaulting ceilings. This is for 2 reasons:

    1) It allows for more height variation in the map, so that passages can lead into a central room at different heights.
    2) It saves light classes such as scouts from explosive or bullet spam.

    The map also has some sightlines, that aren't huge, but for a good sniper are completely exploitable with the available cover.

    Also, replace those dev textures ;)
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    The coloured lights in the second screenshot looks bad. Replace them with white ones.
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    Dev maps aren't all the rage these days, but the map looks good. Try to add some more things to look at.
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