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  1. Loafer

    Setting the minimum points for core stealing in VScript?

    I am trying to make a Halloween map where players collect candy around the map and deposit it, after they deposit an rd reactor core spawns with their teams' total amount of candy. Unfortunately, core stealing requires at least 25 points, which has made me try to find a workaround using just...
  2. Dice_

    cp_gorge_cw a2

    Class Wars on cp_george that's it. This is just a map to test and learn the new Vscript which spark my interest back into mapping.
  3. LizardOfOz

    Red Rover Gamemode 2023-05-31

    A custom gamemode where killing players switches them to your team. The round ends when all players end up in one team, after which the teams scramble. Easy to install, somewhat flexible and designed to co-exist with other vscript creations on the same map, which is far from a given. Should...
  4. LizardOfOz

    Wall Climbing 2023-05-22

    Wall Climbing from VSH-VScript as a standalone thing! Easy to install, somewhat flexible and designed to co-exist with other vscript creations on the same map, which is far from a given. 1)Put melee_wall_climb.nut into tf/custom/<any_name>/scripts/vscripts/. 2)Add logic_script entity into your...
  5. AllInTw0

    The Spot a2

    First Time Trying To Make A Custom Game mode With Vscript. The Game mode Is Similar To Tag. A Random Players Gets Chosen To Be It At The Start Of The Round. When Youre It, Hit Someone From Red Team To Tag Them (IT's - blu, non IT's - red). At The End Of The Round Blu Team Gets Killed. And New...
  6. LizardOfOz

    Zombie Fortress & Horde Project a5

    This is a prototype intended for map makers to start going. Gameplay probably won't change much, but gamemode's structure certainly will. Two gamemodes in one: The Horde Project - As Survivors, defend your control points against Zombies until the time runs out. Survivors do respawn. 8...
  7. LizardOfOz

    Zombie Fortress VScript tests on Valve maps 23w23f

    Using my Horde VScript I test on other maps, but more in line with traditional Zombie Fortress this time. Namely, this is Infection-type.
  8. LizardOfOz

    Horde Mode Test on Ghost Town a4

    Developing a new gamemode and using mvm_ghost_town as a placeholder map.
  9. Top sporing fungi

    Vscript SetPlayerClass() action isn't working

    A pretty easy function, the result is a respawn and both messages but no class changes, problem is that it should change. this is put on a trigger for testing The result in console is: working EntSelectSpawnPoint(): No valid spawns for class #TF_Class_Name_Demoman on team 2 found, even though...
  10. StoreMilk

    I dont understand whats wrong (image)

  11. MilkMaster72

    Skirmish Final6b

    A new competitor has entered the ring, and this time he's bigger, stronger, and has a lot less fur... Return to Yeti Mercenary Park to fight Saxton Hale and put on a good show! This map requires no plugins, as everything is packed into the map file. Credits: VSH: Versus Saxton Hale Gamemode -...
  12. August101

    arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment a2 - 23w15a

    A TF2 "recreation" of the pvp mech gamemode from Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (hence the name). What this map is and does: * A basic arena map that uses vscript to convert everyone into Pyro-based mechs. * Mech stats: - 2000 Base HP - 100 round minigun that recharges based on how much...
  13. Dupiter

    Multi Stage Rapid Robotics a2

    Jungle assets made by Sean "heyo" Cutino. This is a custom payload map I've been working on and off with since the release of Vscript. The main "gimmick" of this map is that the payload cart has a health bar. RED team can shoot the payload, which stuns the cart from moving for a small amount of...
  14. Tick

    Murder Manor a4b

    Murder Manor is a test map for the vscript game mode Murder Mystery. the map is being developed along side the game mode Murder Mystery description: each round -1 player is chosen as the Murderer and is tasked with eliminating everyone else -1 player is chosen as the Shariff and is tasked...
  15. Popalofiti

    Looking for VScript contributor

    Hiya, I'm looking for someone who knows vscript to help out with creating some logic for Tug of War + Having another to bounce ideas off of. Looking to tweak/add things such as: Cart Speed over the course of the game Respawn times over the course of the game Better UI (if possible, not...
  16. LizardOfOz

    Penance (VScript iterations) 23w11a

    With Alecsa's permission, this is a reupload of vsh_penance intended for more rapid iteration of VSH-VScript gamemode.
  17. Top sporing fungi

    MK_test base map 1.0.0

    If u use this, please Credit Sloppyslime (My actual name) instead of whatever my steam profile's name is. I made this using vscript and the karts from the halloween map. I still intend on making maps but I am not the best builder so I let you guys do the work quicker There's leftover code for...
  18. Tick

    how do i give a/the player a weapon with vscript?

    ive figured out how to strip weapons and add attributes to weapons just fine but i cant seem to figure out how to give the player a weapon?
  19. LizardOfOz

    Weapons Lab a22_23w15b

    A map for my VS Saxton Hale: VScript gamemode. At one point it used to be the same with Action Star, but going forward they're gonna be 2 different maps. This map will keep the layout, that map will keep the TV set theming.
  20. Ashe_tfwiki

    Pickup Timer (Particle Based) 1.1

    I always wanted to make a timer for pickups, but it was very tedious with Hammer logic. Now that we have VScript I finally managed to make it. To use the script: * You must add "timer_particle_script.nut" to your logic_script entity. If you don't have one, create it. * You must have a...