Gute Zeiten Medizen (Acrylic On Denim) 2018-07-29

For a good time, try Gute Zeiten Medizen! (Trademark Ex-Doctor Ludwig)

  1. Snedic
    I DID IT! Woo, okay. So. This year my supplies were very limited, but college kids make do. I had a few ideas here and there but nothing was really working out. I then remembered how I distressed and painted a jean jacket into a David Bowie themed vest a few years ago and thought painting this denim dress/jacket thing would work nicely. The shape of the dress resembles medic's coat in the way in flows so I thought it would be perfect! I got inspiration from Victorian and vintage medical advertisements, sketched a design, and went with it! I hit a few hitches along the way, only having acrylic paints and limited markers to work with being most if it but worked out! I think I will add a bit more customization in the future but now I think it's pretty cool.

    See the timelapse of making this in the additional info link!


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