1. Ponds34

    Turbine Redux (Team Fortress 2 Classic version) Version 1

    This is a map that aims to make turbine better to play, while keeping its stupid, classic, fun aspects intact. Changes include: Added more routes in the vent system Added a small health and ammo kit near the start of the vent system Added a grate to the vent system to improve visibility Added...
  2. Brokkhouse

    Rotunda (TF2C) c1

    TF2C Edition. See koth_rotunda for a description, credits, etc.
  3. Octmari

    4-Team dom_sewers a2

    dom_sewers is a tf2c 4team map that takes place in a sewer, and all team's cap points have unique deadly gimmicks. meant to be a chaotic map for a chaotic mode
  4. 14bit

    Multi Stage TC National (TF2C) a6a

    My TC map National, recompiled for TF2C by @Another Bad Pun since apparently the vscript update broke compatibility between TF2 and TF2C and allegedly there is a ravenous fanbase for National in TF2C. Who knew! The lighting is apparently slightly different from the TF2 version, but other than...
  5. Ms. Wizard <|:)

    koth_backfill b2

    Built for TF2 Classic. Still in dev textures, but taking shape quickly. Thanks for checking the page out!
  6. MilkMaster72

    4-Team Depository A2

    Invade the enemy base and steal their goodies. Depository is a 4-team CTF map where your intelligence is guarded by a safe. Destroy the enemy's safe to reveal their intel, and escape their base before the blast doors lock you in. Uses assets from Team Fortress 2 Classic and The London Pack...
  7. TrustyGun

    vipr_hijack a3

    A VIP Race map being made for the Team Fortress 2 Classic mod. How the Gamemode works VIP Race is a currently unused gamemode in TF2C that is a variation of VIP in which both teams have a Civilian they need to protect and extract. Since no official maps have been created yet for this gamemode...
  8. Endermage77

    cp_hex [TF2 Classic] a3

    This map is designed for Team Fortress 2 Classic, and will not function if used in normal TF2. Team Green is beset on three sides by teams Red, Blue, and Yellow. Will any of the attackers wrest control of the point from the others, or will Green hold out against all odds?
  9. sniperstyx

    Warland (READ DESCRIPTION!) v7.1

    Hello and welcome to KOTH Warland v7.1! This is one of the oldest maps that I've worked on and recently I updated it to 7.1, mostly because I kept delaying the update due to me forgetting constantly about the map. I guess you could say that it's a ADHD thing, but at least now I've updated it...
  10. Will Alfred

    vip_Holtzmann a7

    Hello! Im Alfred and this is vip_holtzmann, a Port of adctf_holtzmann to TF2C. This originally was designed for a contest of TF2Maps, which placed Second on the contest! I decided to give more attention to it and port it over to TF2C as TF2C has more support for the VIP gamemode than Team...
  11. Gaijinviking

    Canals (Arena) A1

    This is meant to be a fast-paced tiny arena map for TF2Classic Story: The Four Teams RED, BLU, GRN, and YLW are fighting over an Abandoned MANN CO. Missile Silo that they want to restore and Blow-Up one of their Enemys Main Base's.
  12. MKNZ

    Sewer Rats a2

    A map designed for TF2C, where the neon annihilator doesn't exist, and therefore can't ruin it.
  13. Randomaspland

    Ctf_4fort_artpass A1

    An artpassed version of 4fort with the GRN, YLW, RED and BLU bases, Sewers and canals. This is version one, please report any lighting issues or bugs. This will only work for team fortress 2 classic
  14. Heili

    4Tokyo R03

    4 Teams, 4 Tokyo Rural Tokyo, 4 teams fight in an asymmetrical CTF. Made for Team Fortress 2 Classic. Includes bot support. Gamebanana Mirror
  15. Flipy

    4well b1

    Only compatible with team fortress 2 classic mod Conversion of arena_well splitting the spawn courtyards in half and adding two more mercenary matchups to the mix
  16. HelloThere

    vipkoth_badlands v1

    A VIP x KOTH version of koth_badlands for TF2 Classic! Carry your VIP to the capture point and try to keep it under control! But if your VIP dies, your team will be punished by adding 30 seconds to their timer! Complete with a nav mesh to support bots.
  17. HelloThere

    vip_dustbowl v1

    A VIP version of cp_dustbowl for TF2 Classic! Escort the VIP towards the control points as BLU, or try your best to stop him as RED! All 3 stages work. Complete with a nav mesh to support bots, although they've been known to be quite buggy and fail sometimes.
  18. MacD11

    "New" guy in town.

    Hey there, I'm not entirely new here, this is an account i used way back in 2010 (before i really started mapping much) to simply make a few posts, but as of late I've been becoming more and more active in level game design related activities and willing to share my creations with others. So I...
  19. cybern1962 | MLP

    All assets for robot destruction

    I am developing robot destruction for team fortress 2 classic, due to how old the build of tf2 is it has no assets or game files for the mode, if someone could release the textures, models and gamefiles (rd_asteroid assets and gamemode assets (Robots)) I would be very thankful. It will be the...
  20. Moonrat

    Shipment B1

    A new DM map for an age! Shipment is a very gray Deathmatch map centered around a collection of buildings that ship and store items. The Mercs are fighting for dominance of this collection of places, and only 1 person will get the prestige of screaming how he is first place. This map is for...