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vipr_hijack a3

Capturing a control roon, hijacking a train - y'know, average VIP stuff

A VIP Race map being made for the Team Fortress 2 Classic mod.

How the Gamemode works​

VIP Race is a currently unused gamemode in TF2C that is a variation of VIP in which both teams have a Civilian they need to protect and extract. Since no official maps have been created yet for this gamemode, this map contains my own interpretation of how a VIPR map could work.

There are two points, A and B. To unlock B, the VIP must first capture A. Then, point B will be unlocked for that team, and only for a short period of time. If the VIP dies or time runs out, the capture points will be reset. The map will end once B is captured, or Stalemate occurs.

Control point A is situated inside a building on one end of the map, and on the train on the other side of the map is where control B lays.

Further credits:​

Void for the Dusk Till Dawn skyboxes (sky_twilight_01)
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First release
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VIP Race

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Latest updates

  1. Textures, textures everywhere

    Fixed an exploit where you can jump onto the edges of the A building. Reworked the transition area between the bridge area and A. Added some more health and ammo kits. Edited the fog+lighting some more. Oh yeah... replaced a lot of the dev textures.
  2. Updated to A2

    Lots of changes for A2, mostly around A because it needed some work. A lot of changes to A, make sure to check the screenshots Extended the side-entrance to A to provide cover; you can get on top using some crates. Added a tunnel underneath...