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    Hey there,

    I'm not entirely new here, this is an account i used way back in 2010 (before i really started mapping much) to simply make a few posts, but as of late I've been becoming more and more active in level game design related activities and willing to share my creations with others. So I decided that I want to introduce myself formally to everyone here and hopefully I'll be able to make some cool stuff for (or with) you all soon. :)

    I've been making "maps" since 2008 but only around late 2013/early 2014 did i really start studying actual level design and started polishing up my skills. I haven't really released much as of yet, though I have been working with @iiboharz on maps for the mod we've been working on as of late. Level Design is something I'm thoroughly interested in, but i'm also interested in other creative aspects in game design. I have some experience in modeling, but I don't have as much experience in it as of right now compared to my LD skills. I also enjoy writing things, and coming up with gameplay design related things.

    Overall I aspire to eventually end up working on/making my own games, but that's a beast I should learn to tackle later on. Right now, I only wish to make awesome maps for a game that I've enjoyed playing for years now.
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    Hey welcome back to TF2Maps, we hope you enjoy your stay! Just a little reminder in case you forgot; the cafe is down the hall, first door on your left. We serve free breakfast every morning from 6 am to 11 pm. Biscuits are on Tuesdays! Ahh who am I kidding, you already know the drill! Welcome back buddy boy! :D
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