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Standin (KOTH) _a2b

I have no fucking idea what I'm doing

I got inspired to create this today from a conversation that spurred up about Standin. This is my first mapping project that's actually gotten to a playable state, so I hope you can enjoy it for what it is.

I'm well-aware that this is a rather small layout for what's supposed to be a KOTH map, and I fully expect comments critiquing that. I'm hoping that this version of Standin will find that sort of niche that players like about Harvest and Nucleus, but with a more linear layout.

Main changes from cp_standin:
- Both A and C have been removed.
- The B->A connector has been removed and blocked off.
- The B->C connector has been blocked off, however the area where it would connect is still accessible. This is mainly for flankers to get a chance to have some cover on the map.
- (Most) signs relating to A and C have been removed from the main gameplay area.
- The spawn connectors for both A and C have been blocked off.
Katsu! :3
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    Thanks to the wonderful @Tiftid, the map actually has working logic now! Here's the changelog. - Fixed the King of the Hill timer not working correctly. - Overhauled the lighting; Everything is now much more visually distinct from cp_standin. -...