Synthesize 2017-07-30

Defend Mann Co.'s robot-testing facility from Gray Mann's robots on this new MvM map!

  1. Sexy Brioche
    "After being continuously ravaged by robots, Mann Co. has created its own facility to research and produce bots of its own. Knowing this, Gray Mann has organized an attack on the facility to obliterate any traces of Mann Co.'s own army. Team up with your fellow mercenaries to preserve the knowledge of robot fabrication so Mann Co. has a chance to wage war!"

    Hello everyone. This is my first actual map I've made thanks to the inspiration from TF2Maps's Mappers vs Machines contest. As such, it is also my entry.

    synthesize2.jpg synthesize3.jpg synthesize5.jpg synthesize6.jpg synthesize1.jpg synthesize4.jpg

    This map comes with two missions and a .nav file. To install, place the .bsp and .nav files into your Team Fortress 2/tf/maps folder. Then place the two .pop files under Team Fortress 2/tf/custom/pop/scripts/population folder, (if you don't have those folders, just create them and place the files there).

    *Will be posted to the workshop at a later date and updated with link*