Engineer bots aren't moving in MVM

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bonk sploosh
Server Staff
Aug 2, 2017
Hello everyone! I'm not too sure why, but whenever I play one of my mvm maps, the engineer bot does nothing. Yes, I used nav_generate, and only the engineer bot doesn't move. Any reason behind this?


May 12, 2013
1. Engineer bots only function properly as support.
2. They need special hints, as spud mentioned. There are 3 different hints:
The engineer will spawn here if he is meant to teleport into the map.
The engineer will build a teleporter at this EXACT location and rotation. If you place this midair, the teleporter will also end up midair.
The engineer will build a sentry at this EXACT location and rotation. Same deal as this the teleporter. Note that the model is showing a missleading pose. The sentrygun actually looks at in other direction: Its local positive X axis. In other words, the red line when you select it.
3. They only use hints that are between the bomb and the bot spawn. They will use the closest hint to the bot spawn if no hints are valid

Point 2 is an absolute requirement. You should never skip any of these hints. Engineer bots can be told in the popfile what they build and how they spawn. Without ANY hints, the engineer does not move.


L5: Dapper Member
Jul 20, 2014
Pretty much what the above people have already said.
Valve was a bit lazy with Engineerbot AI so they are hardcoded to run to hints and build
( unless they're squad members, then they behave normally until the squad breaks and they revert to Engineerbot AI)