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Pipe Balle RC1

Ye Olde Time Game of Balles and Pipes

BE YE WARNED! THOU MUST SET sv_allow_point_servercommand "always" in thine CFG, or doomed shall thy Pipe Balle experience be!

Ho! NEW AND EXCITING! Tis a new build of Pipe Balle, RC1!

One morn I awoke
from my royal slumber
to roars and cheers
t'were they as thunder

To my window I took
and saw quite a scene;
Strange men in my court
in garb most obscene

Half them robed red,
the other half blue,
fighting and killing
to push a rock into

Two holes in my court,
one each for an end,
with fence and wall
erect to append;

There below my sill,
a squire stood about,
there i leaned forth and
then i did shout:

"Ho there, young lad!
What game is this called?"
Said he with a grin,
"My lord, 'tis Pipe Balle."


Attend these words, and be learned! Strike yon balle of rock towards thine enemy's goale, whereon thy team shall be awarded a point. Gather three points in such manner, and thy team shall be victorious, basking in mirth and merriment well earned! But! Strike thee not yon balle twice only in thine enemy's goale, nor allow them the same, for if such a tie is reached, the Lava Ball, sinister conjuring of fire magicks most vile, shall be the new balle, and set thy body aflame!

Behold now, and marvel at these..... screens of shot...? Or... Uhh... Oh forget it, here's some screenshots I've spent like 30 minutes trying to type in middle english its late and im tired gimme a break ok
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Latest updates

  1. RC1

    CHANGES FROM B3 - Added extra log to the "catching" side of the rink. No more balls having to be re-re-re-re-re-served - Fixed some clipping issues - Made the tapestries in front of the spawns semitransparent - Prettied up the spawnrooms and...
  2. b3 again

    yeah it might help if i uploaded the right map doiiiiii i should get some sleep