Unofficial Contest: The Mega Punch Challenge

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Saxt0n Hale

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Aug 7, 2022
Welcome everyone, to the....

Mega Punch Challenge.jpg

The Mega Punch Challenge is a MVM Mission in where a (VERY) buffed Captain Punch is the main boss. (Edited In Note: This may actually be the hardest contest yet to be made.)

When I said that this may be the hardest contest, I ment it. This boss is not the average 60k HP, it is five times that amount. Yes, you fight a 500,000 HP boss.

The winner will get a medal, in the form of the giant's hands and hat. (more below about if an entire team wins)

  1. Do not do anything to instantly kill the giant or make no possible way for the boss to move. (i.e. airblasting into pits, stuck areas, etc)​
  2. You may use sv_cheats, but ONLY for addcond 33 (or any crit command) (if you are singleplayer, nocliping to go faster to the giant is allowed, but DO NOT noclip while fighting.), as it will be incredibly hard to take this boss out with regular means.
  3. You start off with 30k credits in order to get the best damage possible.​
  4. You MUST record your gameplay, even while joining or restarting the wave, otherwise you will be disqualified.​
  5. The winner is the person with the least amount of attempts.​
  6. If the winner is with a team, the person with the most damage on the boss will get the medal.​
Please note that if you break ANY RULE, you will have to restart or be disqualified.

Map: Ghost Town
Mission Name: Mega_Punch

Put the file into tf/scripts/population, and you should be good to go.

First person to submit will start a month timer, once it is up, submissions will be declined, and another thread will show the winners and attempts

Good luck.


Steam: (link steam here)
Attempts: (amount of attempts here)

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